Ansible München Meetup - going into 2016

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Update[masked]: Posting the Agenda for the 22cd of Feb:

First talk, ~ 19:15:

"multi-stage provisioning” with Victor Volle:
When you want to configure servers in different environments, datacenters, countries etc. you need to have a clear model: where to place your configuration properties and how to structure your server “groups”. Ansible has nothing like Puppets Hiera, so how do you achieve that? In this talk different solutions to handle multi-environment, multi-datacenter, ... provisioning are explained and contrasted with Puppets Hiera

Second Talk, ~20:30

"Ansible module development in Python - 101" with Yves Fauser:
Writing awesome playbooks is one thing, but at a certain point you will be challenged when trying to write real idempotent playbooks that catch a lot of conditions. This is when you will want to build your own Ansible modules. This talk will give you a 101 on how to write modules in Python from me, Yves, a total 'part time programmer'

We did not receive any proposals for talks - Please let us know if you want to contribute something - We can still accommodate at least one talk


Hi everybody,

it's time to get together again to talk a bit about Ansible, and to do a lot of personal networking. We would like to invite you to codecentric AG, who kindly volunteered once again to be our hosts for this Meetup.

We are planing two to three 45 minutes talks on Ansible.

While we already have some content to present in mind, we would still love to hear from you! So if you are interested in filling one of the speaker slots, please contact us on, or write us a comment.

We will update this page with the agenda in the next two weeks.

Looking forward to this Meetup!