Panta Rhei: designing applications with distributed streams (+Lightning Talk)


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Hi everyone, It's about time we hosted our first meetup for #2018. This time, our speakers, Alex Garella and Aris Koliopoulos from DriveTribe, will be discussing functional programming paired with "... event streams as "the source of truth" " (mind the quotes within the quotes!)

Here's their abstract:
Event streams as the source of truth for applications have risen in popularity. ThoughtWorks lists it in the assess phase of their technology radar (Nov 17). At DriveTribe we’re slightly ahead of the curve as we’ve been using this technique in production with Flink since the launch of our platform in November 2016.

In this talk, we discuss how we can use this technique paired with functional programming to successfully design distributed and highly scalable applications and data platforms.

In addition, I am happy to confirm that Patrick Lucas (dataArtisans) will also be with us. Patrick will be giving a lightning talk on some best practices around Flink state types (List/Map/ValueState et al).

Patrick also has expertise in containerised Flink Apps, so If you have any relevant questions he is the person to ask.

Finally, doing lightning-talks is something we strongly encourage and support. If you have an idea for a short and concise presentation, do inbox me to arrange a presentation.

Looking forward to seeing you and dont forget to register with codenode here:


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