• Assistenz-Organisator
    Beigetreten 6. Okt. 2015
    WordPress Contributor & Evangelist at Bluehost
  • Assistenz-Organisator
    Beigetreten 14. Juli 2015
    Web designer and developer.
  • Event-Organisator
    Beigetreten 24. Feb. 2015
    Designer/Developer/Business Owner - working primarily with WordPress, building custom themes and plugins. @distillmill (tw/fb/ig/pin) @stephenorsini (dribbble) distillmill.com
  • Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 16. Juli 2014
    Elegant Themes Event Coordinator & serial volunteer with a young soul. 9+ years ago, I co-founded Mode Effect, a WooCommerce agency. Intentional community builder. Dancer. Photog. Music lover. Active in several communities from tech to neighborhoods.
  • Assistenz-Organisator, Advanced Dev Meetup Organizer
    Beigetreten 13. Juni 2014
    Co-Lead Developer of Easy Digital Downloads and lover of all things WordPress eCommerce.
  • Assistenz-Organisator
    Beigetreten 26. März 2014
    Female, outspoken, webbie and community evangelist. I am principal of Made Better Studio. Past lead organizer for WordCamp Phoenix 2014.
  • Assistenz-Organisator, Asst. Organizer
    Beigetreten 3. März 2013
    Chief Online Officer for-hire and founder of FieryFX, a boutique digital agency. Speaker, Co-organizer of Phoenix NW Valley WordPress meetup and lover of ridiculous shoes.
  • Assistenz-Organisator
    Beigetreten 12. Feb. 2013
    I maintain websites so business owners can run their business. Co-Founder of OnSiteWP LLC⠀⠀⠀ https://www.onsitewp.com
  • Event-Organisator
    Beigetreten 17. Feb. 2012
    WordPress developer and enthusiast.
  • Event-Organisator
    Beigetreten 27. Dez. 2011
  • Organisator
    Beigetreten 14. Feb. 2011
    I am the perfect example of a WordPress user that does not write software code, but takes full advantage of the open source platform that WordPress has to offer. I enjoy leading this Meetup group and being a part of the WordPress community.
  • Event-Organisator
    Beigetreten 31. Aug. 2010
    Snarky Lead and Engineer