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Dear AI lovers,

Its winter session and we are back again with anther exciting event. But this time there will be a special AI Meetup event held on December 3rd. Our AI Meetup will be a guest at a bigger recruiting event at Frankfurt "Messe" and organised by ITCS (, with whom we are partnering and are bringing our AI mojo and charm. Sounds amazing, right? We have three awesome speakers from very diverse fields. So, let us gather again and learn new stuff from them.

In addition, this is a tech and recruiting conference, so there will be many other events in parallel. And you don't want to miss those. Checkout their webpage for more details:

A short summary of what we have prepared for this meetup

• 3 top speakers lined up
• Sponsor: ITCS® - IT && CAREER SUMMIT
• Location: Frankfurt I Messe
• Time: 18:00 to 21:00
• Please update your RSVP – spaces are limited!

Thank you all and see you soon!

Your organizers,
Danko, Gautam & Marten


18:00 – 18:20; Reception

18:20 – 18:25; Danko Nikolić, CDO and Head of AI at savedroid AG, A welcome note

18:25 – 18:30; Local Host and sponsor, A welcome note

18:30 – 19:00; Keynote I: Prof. Dr. Jochen Triesch, Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies (
Title: "Deep Leaning in medical applications."

19:00 – 19:20; Keynote II: Ms. Regina Bergdolt, Das Personalauswahltool, (
Title: "AI in personnel selection - myth and truth from research."

19:20 – 19:40; A short break

19:40 – 19:50; AI movies to think about: We will continue with our series of short Sci-Fi movies featuring AI.

19:50 - 20:10; Keynote III: Ali Abusnina, Boehringer Ingelheim,
Title: TBP.

20:10 - 20:30; Announcement from attendees

20:30 – open end; Socializing, Buffet

Sponsor & Host: ITCS® - IT && CAREER SUMMIT (

We wish you an interesting evening and happy networking!

Danko (
Gautam (
Marten (