AI ffm: exciting AI meetup at Die Zentrale, Frankfurt

Dies ist ein vergangenes Event

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An jedem 2. Donnerstag des Monats bis zum 12. Dezember 2019

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Dear AI lovers,

We are here again. After a summer break, the AI Meetup is back. We are coming into our third year of existence. Isn’t that amazing? Here is what we have achieved in the first two years: We met (up!) in total 18 times. We had heard over 50 talks. While doing that we have acquired over 4,190 members.

Collectively, we have also eaten 100s of pizzas and drank many gallons of beer.

Most importantly, we learned, we exchanged knowledge, we networked, we socialized. By all means, we are a productive AI community.

Currently, we are working on continuing to be productive also in our third year of existence. This will start with a Meetup event on August 14th.

Here is in short what we have prepared for this meetup

• 3 top speakers lined up
• Sponsor: orquidea IT Services GmbH
• Location: Die Zentrale (Berger Str. 175)
• Time: 19:00 to 22:00
• Please update your RSVP – spaces are limited!

A huge thanks to our last-moment sponsor: orquidea IT Services GmbH (, specializes in customer focused IT project management, software development (next generation), bespoke IT services and IT recruiting.

To get to the event you can take the train to “Bornheim Mitte” and walk 2 minutes to Die Zentrale (Berger Str. 175,


19:00 – 19:20; Reception

19:20 – 19:25; Danko Nikolić, CDO and Head of AI at savedroid AG, A welcome note

19:25 – 19:30; Local Host and sponsor, A welcome note

19:30 – 20:00; Keynote I: The Art of Approximation, by Markus Pfeifer, orquidea IT Services GmbH (

20:00 – 20:20; Keynote II: Deep Style Identification, by Dr. Hans Beck, DXC Technology (

20:20 – 20:40; A short break (as an exception, this time no snacks will be provided).

20:40 – 20:50; AI movies to think about: We will continue with our series of short Sci-Fi movies featuring AI.

20:50 – 21:10; Keynote III: Using AI to Power Your Images, by Doug Sillars. (

21:10 – 21:20; Announcement from attendees

21:20 – open end; Socializing, Buffet

Sponsor: orquidea IT Services GmbH (
Host: Die Zentrale coworking (

We wish you an interesting evening and happy networking!

Danko (
Gautam (
Marten (