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AI Suisse is Switzerland's largest community with a focus on artificial intelligence. We're also the first Swiss ambassador of Andrew Ng's deeplearning.ai. We take care of the quality of the selected speakers, deep and insightful presentations at a conference level, extraordinary experience exchange and focus on community. In short: "We talk AI."

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Pie & AI Suisse - Automating reasoning about the future

How can we delegate the world’s hardest questions to machine and human experts? - Machine learning will transform any area of life that has abundant data and easily measurable objectives. But will it improve how we think and reflect?

Andreas Stuhlmüller, https://ought.org

Sponsored by SAS

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This is a Pie & AI event in partnership with DeepLearning.AI. Pie & AI is a series of DeepLearning.AI meetups independently hosted by community groups. This event is hosted by AI Suisse. In addition to signing up on Meetup.com, sign up here (https://forms.gle/vUVPA9xM2UCV3U6S9) if you'd like to receive a course promo code and future event updates from DeepLearning.AI.


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