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AWE Summit Zurich 2018 - Giving Voice to Women
We are back! And, it is celebration time. It is our 4th anniversary of the AWE Summit Zurich's edition (wow, time flies). Join us and BE THE CHANGE. Book your seat here > https://bit.ly/2JvW4Th The AWE Summit is more than an "inspirational" event. It is a full day packed with different stories and experiences which will move you from where you are right now to a new world of possibilities. We will have AWEsome speakers, interviews, discussion panel, and two dynamic workshops, which help you to take action and start "being the change" you want to become. So wait no longer and book your seats now! MEET OUR AWE SPEAKERS Book your seat here > https://bit.ly/2JvW4Th Aurelie Litynski - Chief Happiness Officer Her speech: Turning Challenges at Work into Happiness at Work Aurelie will share with us how she turned frustration into a structured process to bring happiness back into the work environment and increase performance. Catherine Schopfer - Cancer Coach Her speech: Passion is the Path to Wealth Catherine will share with us how, through your passion, you can bring abundance to your life. Winnie Ojanga - Fashion Designer Her speech: Find Your Voice and You Will Be Unstoppable Winnie will share with us how her memories of her childhood helped her to shape her destiny Asa Rydhard - Founder of Rock Your Stories Her speech: From a Fired Pastor to a Social Impact Rockstar How do you turn your story and passion into a business? Asa will tell you how she did it and how a great story will help you achieve your ambitions Ana Kolb - Founder of CEW Marketing Her speech: Glocals as Cultural Change Catalysts Through her experience as an international marketer for over 15 years, Ana will share with us how international professionals can help different cultures to develop ethical behaviours, values and practices. Philippa Dengler - Change Management Her speech: Are you Ready to Retire Retirement? Philippa will challenge the current status quo by telling us why it makes little sense to discriminate against a group that we aspire to join. To her, dismantling ageism benefits us all. MEET OUR WORKSHOP LEADERS Book your seat here > https://bit.ly/2JvW4Th Monique Blokzyl - Founder of Business Launch Portal Her topic: How to establish and move your business to the next level After leaving a successful career in the corporate world Monique realized that her mission and passion was to help other people to create a more fulfilling lifestyle by doing what they loved. Through her Business Launch program, she has helped hundreds of people to create, establish and move their business (and careers) to the next level. In this interactive workshop, she will give you some savvy tips and tools so you also can start designing a sustainable business, or career, that will be aligned with your own values and dreaming lifestyle. Tulia Lopes - Founder of AWE Summit and Speak Up & Lead Academy Her topic: Everyone Talks, Some Communicate, VERY Few Connect! In 2014 when Tulia founded the AWE Summit, she had the desire to bring women from the background to the foreground to share their stories, in a friendly and supportive environment. In this interactive workshop, she will bring you to the awareness of where you stand right now as a "communicator", how you are perceived, how strong is your voice and what you can do to improve it. MEET OUR PANELISTS Book your seat here > https://bit.ly/2JvW4Th "Can women and men really understand each other?" With this simple, however challenging question, we will invite our panelists to discuss "intergender communication". Ana Paula Tediosi - President of Professional Women's Group Zurich Martin Altherr - Founder of Wind of Consciousness Eveline Lonoce - Author of Emotional Competence Dr. med. Markus Kuenkel - Founder of Awaken the Leader in You Tulia Lopes - The Panel Moderator

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Welcome to the community!

This is a very good timing to get involved.

I am happy to share the latest GOOD NEWS with you. Next September 16th and 17th I will be launching the Speak Up & Lead Academy (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/speak-up-lead-academy-launch-become-magnetic-speaker-and-outstading-influencer-tickets-34910199346) to foster the development of Female Global Players and World Class Speakers.

We all know that to have a powerful stage presence and a strong and clear message is key to success in your career and/or business. And reality shows that most people waste their stage opportunity due to the lack of those factors.

Women are under-represented in many stages of life: From to negotiation meetings to the board room, from presentations to stages. And their voices are claimed and needed! However, without a clear message and strong presence we, women, won't be able to become the change-markers we could be and create the impact that is our "duty" to create!

And this is the core reason for creating the Speak Up & Lead Academy. The Speak Up & Lead Academy (http://speakupandleadacademy.weebly.com) will offer its members all the possible resources, techniques, systems, and programs to help you to find, own and unleash their authentic voice. That voice that is inside of each of them waiting to be heard, and looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of many out there.


Do you want to become part of it?

We are offering this opportunity to a selective group of professional ladies. What do I mean with selective? I mean, the ones who are seriously willing to make an impact beyond their own circle of influence and become a world class speaker. And in this launch, we will explain "how" in a Masterclass format where you will learn the foundation and essentials of the whole process.

If you answer YES, click here (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/speak-up-lead-academy-launch-become-magnetic-speaker-and-outstading-influencer-tickets-34910199346) to book your seat for the 2-day masterclass event. On this event, you will learn the essentials to develop your impact and influence by defining and mastering your communication, public speaking and leadership skills. After this Masterclass you will know exactly where you stand as a communicator, public speaker and leader and, what are the next steps to reach a world class level.

And there is another good news. To celebrate Speak Up & Lead Academy launch once you book your seat you can bring a friend/partner/colleague with you with no extra cost! Once I see your registration I'll get in touch with you to get your friend's details to register her.

Are you ready? Click here (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/speak-up-lead-academy-launch-become-magnetic-speaker-and-outstading-influencer-tickets-34910199346) and be ready to become part of an international community and expand your circle of influence to a global level.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me directly at contact@tulialopes.com


Important Information about this MeetUp Group

This is a very active group which offers several different types of events - meeting opportunities - throughout the year. Some are live events, others are webinars, online interviews and talks.

Throughout the years (over two decades) I have developed an international community that covers Europe, USA, and Latin America. I strongly recommend you to be active and try to attend the live events, as they give you the opportunity to connect with other ladies, share your experiences, learn from others, expand your contact base and be open for collaborations and new ventures.

Watch out for our notifications and events!

Stay tuned for the Speak Up & Lead Talks Series (http://speakupandlead.weebly.com/), a live event which happens on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Seats are limited. Do you want to be part of our panel? Talk to the team (http://speakupandlead.weebly.com/expert.html).

The AWE Summit (https://awesummit.org/) full day event will be Giving Voice to Women in Porto (April 28th) and Zurich (November 18th). Do you have a story to share? Talk to the AWE Team (https://awesummit.org/become-an-awe-speakers/).

Wishing you a successful 2017 and happy to have you onboard.


PS You can also check my website for more updates

www.tulialopes.com (http://www.tulialopes.com/)

www.speakupandleadacademy.weebly.com (http://speakupandleadacademy.weebly.com)

www.awesummit.org (https://awesummit.org)

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