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Atlanta Volleyball Meetup group's PURPOSE: Play volleyball on sand, grass, and indoor courts throughout Metro Atlanta, meet other local volleyball players, make new friends and teammates and build the sport of volleyball in Atlanta.

We welcome Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced level volleyball players in Atlanta. All are welcome! Metro Atlanta Volleyball is the ultimate in Sports & Recreation – it is a very social sport. Beach volleyball is also a great form of low impact exercise. See you on the court!

Please review the Atlanta Volleyball "About" page for information on how to play more volleyball by organizing a volleyball event.

This group is for Adults... age 18 and up.

To view a video of one of our volleyball games, check out:


Chip into this meetup!

If you have enjoyed our events, please consider chipping in. Atlanta Volleyball Meetup costs $200 per year for the website. We'll spend your contributions to fund improvements to public volleyball courts so we have more or better volleyball courts. Please see the link on the left under "This Meetup is community funded - Chip in"

Lets play some Volleyball Atlanta! . . . Warm weather is the time to play beach volleyball, and metro Atlanta has over 50 beach volleyball courts, but many of them need improvements.. so lets play vball!

Bevorstehende Events (4+)

One Beach Volleyball Men's Doubles BB/A League July 27th


STARTS: July 27th, 2021

Level: BB/A Fee: $55 per player Format: 1 Girls and 1 Guys per team Fee: $55 per player = $110 per team
Game Times: 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: 3131 Alton Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30341

Best New Courts in all of Atlanta with lights!!!!

SIGN UP through Volleyball Life.com


One Beach Volleyball Coed Doubles A Starts August 4th

3131 Alton Rd


STARTS: August 4th, 2021

Level: A Fee: $55 per player Format: 1 Girls and 1 Guys per team Fee: $55 per player = $110 per team
Game Times: 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: 3131 Alton Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30341

Best New Courts in all of Atlanta with lights!!!!

SIGN UP through Volleyball Life.com


3' Intermediate (BB level ) Sand Volleyball 2 PM to dark

Don White Memorial Park Parking Lot

Sign Up Policy: As a courtesy to those signing up -- ONLY those signing up are guaranteed a spot to play. If you do not sign up or you are on the waiting list, but show up -- you will not play unless there is an open spot, e.g. someone leaves or volunteers / shares their spot. This has become increasingly important. Don't just show up and expect to play. If you are on the waiting list and show up, please understand that the original 9 will always get priority, . AND BB players only please! Numerous comments about recreational players hindering play. Please see below if you are unsure of your level.

No Show policy: A "no-show" is when you RSVP 'YES' for an event but fail to attend it. Volleyball is a team sport. Be a team player. If you are not going to be able to attend please update your RSVP and let someone else have your spot. Think of it as your responsibility to the team. No-shows hurt the group as it takes a spot away from a member who is willing to come, and prevents organizers from getting a fair headcount for their events. Individuals with three (3) no-shows will be removed from the group. No conversation, no warning and no exceptions.

This event is for High Intermediate (BB) level.

Please choose the level that most matches your ability. If you choose a level too high or too low you and other participants will end up disappointed. This event is for BBlevel (you can pass, set, and hit with some consistency) and above.

B+ level (high intermediate) description

You can pass, set, and hit with some consistency. At a minimum, players at this level should have progressed well beyond Recreational (beginner) and are more consistent with their basic skills. Players can direct and control the ball more consistently and are aware and capable of passing, setting and spiking and attempt to play 3 hit volleyball at all times. This event is for players who have previous experience playing and understand rules and all basic skills. Executing basic skills may be at times inconsistent but the effort to improve and play 3 hit volleyball is there. If the effort to play 3 hit volleyball is not there you should play Recreational.

This Meetup IS NOT for Recreation / Beginner level (C level) play. If you are unsure of your level, please ask.


Past experience shows that guests often do not show up for events. To avoid this, in general to sign up for a volleyball event, you must be a member of the Atlanta Volleyball Meetup group. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis – please contact the event organizer.

Depending on the number of people who come out and play, we will play 2's, 3's or, 4's per side.

Cancellation policy. This event will be canceled if there is a lack of interest OR due to weather conditions no later than three hours before the event, at the discretion of the event organizer.

Rules. The Rules that we will be playing by are:
1. No open handed passing
2. No carries (that includes open handed dinks or "indoor dinks")
3. No hand setting over the net
4. No double contact (a player contacts the ball twice in succession or the ball contacts
various parts of the player’s body successively)
5. No hitting the net
6. No illegal sets. The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held (including lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown). The ball cannot spin when you set it. Anything more than a 3/4 turn of the ball, is counted as an illegal set. Note: there is a common misconception that hand sets can be judged based on the number of rotations by the ball in the air. However, rotation of a set ball may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set but in itself is not a fault.

All games are played by rally scoring. This means every mistake is a point for the other team. If you miss a serve, miss a hit, or miss a block, the other team gets a point.

Location. Don White Memorial Park. 705 B Riverside Road. About a quarter mile east of Highway 9 and Riverside Park. The exact location of the court is few dozen yards south of Riverside Road and further west from the the bridge than is indicated by the push pin on the Google Map.

Feedback. Your feedback on how to improve this meetup is encouraged and appreciated. Remember, this is for fun and no attitudes allowed. :)

See you on the sand!

This event is for Adults... age 18 and up.

Mid-B and B+ level sand volleyball

Don White Memorial Park

For mid intermediate level players and above. Players should know sand volleyball rules and attempt to play 3-hit (receive, set, return) whenever possible. No drama please.

For this event, waitlist players that show up must arrange a share with someone that is on the main RSVP list. For example, if they are arriving an hour late, or leaving an hour early, then you can fill their spot during those times.

It is also strongly encouraged that if you are a regular player, that you bring your own Wilson OPTX (official) volleyball to this event. This will help ensure that we always have enough - with less time spent chasing balls and more time spent actually playing.

Age requirement: 14 and over. (Ages 14-17 must have experience as part of a school or club team)

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BB+ Level Sand Volleyball - Don White Park 2:00 PM to 7pm

Don White Memorial Park Parking Lot

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