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In this meetup we will showcase the latest innovations in the field of audio and music tech.

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The Future of Podcast Monetization

The Venue Berlin

Get ready for another After Work Session ! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Once a month, The Venue Berlin hosts an After Work Session where a group of experts from the music and audio tech scene gathers to discuss current topics. Join us on July 25 for "The Future of Podcast Monetization". Although having your own podcast is very time consuming, podcasts are currently flooding the German market but hardly anyone can even compensate the costs for the production. America’s podcasting scene is a few years ahead of us, having big production companies and an approximate revenue of 314m USD in 2017 from advertising which is estimated to more than double until 2020. The estimate advertising revenue for the German market in 2018 was 700,000€. The podcasting industry does not seem to be on the radar of big companies’ digital marketing mix yet. What possiblities do have German podcasters to monetize their podcasts and how do they become relevant for the advertising market? - TIMING: 18:30-19:00 Doors Open 19:00-19:30 Keynote by Christoph Falke 19:30-20:00 Keynote by Vincent Kittmann 20:00-21:30 More to be announced soon! - SPEAKERS: ⚡️ Christoph Falke - Managing Director, Axel Springer Audio Christoph is an old hand in the audio and TV business, with over 15 years of experience as an executive. After working as Head of TV/Radio Portfolio for seven years at Axel Springer SE, European’s largest digital publisher and also a leading radio shareholder in Germany, he was appointed as Managing Director of Axel Springer Audio in 2019. Prior to that, Christoph, who is a business economics graduate, managed the “New Electronic Media” division at Heinrich Bauer Verlag in Hamburg. ⚡️ Vincent Kittmann At OMR Vincent is in charge of anything concerning podcasts. As first podcasting network in Germany Podstars by OMR takes care of production, promotion, consulting and marketing of podcasts and podcasters. In his keynote "The State of Podcast", he takes a closer look at the different forms of monetization and explains what makes a podcast successful. ⚡️ James Harper James Harper, the creator of Filter Stories, shares his 18 month journey in the podcast world. He will reveal his planning around content strategy and listener growth, and how he has monetised Filter Stories through crowd-funding and story collaborations. James Harper has worked across the coffee world but kept running against the same problem: nobody knew what was really happening. So he went off to uncover the reality and discovered uncomfortable, hidden truths. Armed with these stories and a background in storytelling, James started Filter Stories to help coffee drinkers understand how their morning cup of coffee impacts tens of millions of people. - We offer chilled beer, some pizza 🍕 and great tunes 🎶 – you bring your fellow friends, colleagues, clients or your startup. 🙌 Our After Work Sessions are the perfect opportunity to get some more insight into the current challenges faced by the music, audio and tech industries and meet new like-minded peers and mingle with interesting folks from the music tech scene! ///////////////////////// A shout out to Berliner Pilsner for their cool support 🍻

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