Autonomous Vehicle Safety & Security (how to hack a car)

Autonomous Vehicle Safety & Security
Autonomous Vehicle Safety & Security
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Raum: 03.07.023 (SEMINAR (INF 6/13)) Geschoß: 3 Gebäude: 5607 FMI Garching - BT07 Standort: Garching

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Raum:[masked] (SEMINAR (INF 6/13))
Geschoß: 3
Gebäude: 5607 FMI Garching - BT07
Standort: Garching

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety & Security Meetup, Munich
31 July 2019, Jointly organized by Matrickz GmbH

In the 21st century the automotive industry is facing three unprecedented disruptions: 1) connected cars, 2) electrification of cars and 3) driverless cars. All these three disruptions, especially autonomous vehicles come with safety & security challenges that are also unprecedented in the history of the automotive industry. As far as safety is concerned the current industry standard ISO 26262 does not address autonomous driving and puts a lot of responsibility on the human driver. To cover such, gap the industry is coming up with a new standard called SOTIF (Safety of the Intended Functionalities). Moreover, since the vehicles will be connected to the internet we will have security changes that can even have safety consequences. The industry standard for security that is supposed to be published by the end of 2019 or beginning 2020, ISO 21434, also does not address autonomous driving. Clearly, the automotive industry needs to work on these issues and need new guidelines and standards. The mission of our meetup group is to start a dialog and understand where the industry is going.
In this episode of the podcast, we have guests from academia and also from the leading Tier-1 and OEMs.

Program schedule:

19:00 – 19:15
Introduction of Autonomous Vehicle Safety &
Security Meetup

19:15 – 19:45
Prof. Dr. Rolf Jung, from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten
Future of highly automated driving – safe and secure?

19:45 – 20:15
Mario Hoffmann
Head of Security & Privacy Consulting
Continental Teves AG & Co. OHG Frankfurt

20:15- 20:30 break
20:30 – 21:00
Car Hacking Demo
Jayachandran Ramkumar, Matrickz GmbH, Phalgun Upadhyaya, Matrickz GmbH, Praveen Suvarna, Matrickz GmbH, Klaus Winterhoff, Matrickz GmbH

21:00 – 21:30
Panel Discussion with Mario Hoffmann