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Learn to Code for Hardware & Arduino

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Come Check out Awesome Shield, and Do Some Coding!

We created Awesome Shield to give kids a fun, easy way to start coding for hardware. We recently launched Awesome Shield on Kickstarter ( Get hands-on with our prototypes, and do some coding at this event.

Learn to Code, and Build a Project!

This event is for absolute beginners. We'll introduce you to Arduino, a tiny computer that you can program to do anything you can imagine. You'll write your first lines of code, and watch them come alive through the magic of hardware. Before the end of the event, you'll be coding your very own project. If you've come to our events before, you're welcome to come hang out and do some coding!

Awesome Shield is for Everyone

We created Awesome Shield with ages 10-16 in mind. But we've had folks between 8 and 80 write their first lines of code with Awesome Shield, and love it! Everyone is welcome.

Bring Family or a Friend

Bring a family member or a friend, and learn together! Working in pairs is tons of fun, and great for learning.


You'll start off by learning some coding basics in a hands on introduction. Then you'll pick a project to work on, and will code it into existence using your newfound skills, and the help of our friendly Awesome Shield mentor, Chris.

What to Bring

You will need to bring a laptop computer and headphones with you. Ideally, it should be running a Mac or Windows operating system. If you run linux, please install the Arduino IDE on your linux computer ( before you come, as this can take a long time on a Linux machine.


This event will be in English, as we don't have our learning materials in any other languages yet. We'll let you know just as soon as other languages are available. If you're bringing a kid or a friend who isn't fluent in English, that's no problem!

Why Arduino?

Arduino is an extremely powerful platform that is used to build everything from hobby projects, to robotic art installations, and satellites (there's an actual Arduino satellite in space!). Getting started with Arduino will unlock your inner coder, and put you on a path to build incredible things that can interact with people and the real world.

Join the Community, and Tell Your Friends

Love Awesome Shield, coding, and hardware as much as we do? Tell your friends, and the world :-)

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