Blockchain meetup

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31 Plätze frei


An jedem zuletzt Donnerstag des Monats bis zum 29. Januar 2020


Pfingstweidstrasse · Zürich

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Auditorium 3.K02

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We are happy to announce the next Azure Blockchain Meetup.

On this occasion, we will have the pleasure of hosting as speakers Josef Spillner, Ilham Qasse and Daniel Szegö.

With them we will deepen topics such as:
- Quality analysis of DApps and other artefacts related to smart contracts
in blockchains
- Hyperledger Fabric, an in-depth introduction including, but not limited
to, the architectural elements, Fabric consensus mechanism, native
chaincode programming models and Hyperledger Composer.

Josef is head of the Service Prototyping Lab at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, and a senior lecturer at the same institution. He is coordinating research efforts to assess the quality of modern software artefacts for distributed and decentralised applications. With his team, he investigates better developer tooling, including CI/CD-integrated artefact checks, the detection of unexpected quality deviations in the context of cloud platforms, and developer collaboration tools such as dashboards. To democratise the results of this work, he holds the first lecture in Switzerland on cloud-native and serverless application development.

Ilham is a research assistant in OpenUAE Research and Development group and a visiting young scientist in Zurich. Her interests are in Blockchain technology, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. She worked in projects on Blockchain performance, quality and communication. Moreover, she worked in projects on Blockchain applications in smart cities with the integration of artificial intelligence. Ilham is a mentoring coordinator in ArabWIC UAE chapter, a member in IEEE and an organizer in Google Developer Group Sharjah branch.

Daniel is an experienced Blockchain Solution Architect with a broad knowledge in different distributed ledger technologies, like: Ethereum, Azure Blockchain, Hyperledger and Hashgraph. You can ask him everything about these technologies and how they compare to each-other.

More details and Agenda will follow.

The event is free of charge and held in English.

Please reserve a seat and cancel if you cannot make it. Thank you!