Azure Kubernetes / Container Meetup


First things first: The meetup will be held in English since the Product Group is based in the U.S. :)

We are very excited to welcome you to an evening with the Azure Kubernetes Engineering Team in the Microsoft office in Munich.

During the meetup the team will give you a short introduction on how Microsoft is contributing to Kubernetes upstream, how they run the Azure Kubernetes Service and build tools like Helm, Draft, Brigate/ Kashti, CNAB and DevSpaces to enable successful cloud native applications in Azure. They will also share some insights of customer projects and roadmap of the container compute platform in Azure.

Slot 1: Kubernetes on Azure, how does it work?
Slot 2: Tools and assets that make you successful - What do you need to know to build cloud native apps on Azure?
Slot 3: Roadmap for container compute in Azure – Where are we heading and why?
Slot 4: Q & A

Presenters will be:
Gabe Monroy (founder of Deis, CNCF board member, lead program manager for container compute)
Josh Schnell (program manager in container compute team)
Dennis Zielke (global blackbelt for cloud native applications)