Worum es bei uns geht

This meetup is for everyone who is interested in Architecture.
Let's finally meet and exchange ideas, stories or experiences.
How would you describe modern architecture? Which trends inspire you the most?
What is the role of architects in contemporary society?
I would like to gather a creative group of people, who is interested in exploring and discussing these topics.
Berlin is the perfect place to start. Come along, let's brainstorm and take action!

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·ban networking "Happy Hour!"


Dear ·ban members, As much as we'd love to keep with our regular Biergarten meetings, Winter is on its way and a little virus is forcing us to move our networking events online. But, fear not! This won't be your regular Zoom meeting: we are taking this chance to try out some incredible tools that popped up lately due to everyone's Zoom-fatigue. We'll try our best to make it fun and exciting, and also a little messy! Grab your drinks and let's go! PS: We'll post more details here soon!

·ban talks "Members talk!"


Dear ·ban members, do you have a project, a blog or even a life experience about architecture that you would like to share? Along our path as architects we create visions, change landscapes, mirror the spirit of times... One could say that behind every building and smallest detail there’s a story to tell. Perhaps you’ve been abroad, want to write a book or talk about your latest Revit script? On our next Meetup of the series „Member talks“ the time has come to stand up and share your own story! At the moment we've scheduled the following talks: - Cherry Cheung and Vian Ho - Public Space and Social Movement - Sasha - Artwork - Alejandro Del Pino - Construction Materials Whether if you‘re a good listener or a charismatic storyteller, you‘re all invited to come. Let us show the world that architecture is not dead, on the contrary, it’s well alive and ready to speak out! ;-) Looking forward to see you there!

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