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Our group is about making new connections, building relationships and making a stronger community.

A community is as successful as the businesses in that community. We depend on business. As important are the people who use our businesses.

Some of our events are for people who are in business and some for people in our community.

Our "Business" events gives you the opportunity to meet other businesses to share ideas, to support, to learn, and to connect.

If there is not the word, "Business" in the events title, then anyone living in our community is welcome to join us.

We have a variety of events across Durham set always in a relaxed atmosphere, from business breakfasts, lunches, after 5 events to Karaoke nights, mix and mingles, celebrations, and events just for women.

Helping connecting our community.

Visit our website at http://www.bosseventsnetwork.com/

Bevorstehende Events (5+)

BOSs'S Business Lunch & Learn Toastmasters - October 8th

G Centre Ajax

15,00 CA$

Toastmasters will help you 1. Become a better speaker and presenter 2. Communicate with confidence 3. Develop your leaderships skills 4. Listen effectively Learn these skills, in a more supportive, self-paced, fun atmosphere Come on out to promote, grow and sustain your business while learning and enjoying a lunch. Bring your business cards and any other promotional items to share with the group. The cost is $15 cash, payable at the door. Lunch is complimentary. Networking starts at 11:45am. Events starts at 1:15pm You may represent ONLY ONE BUSINESS per meeting.

The BOSs'S After 5 - October 25th

Melanie Pringles Restaurant

All week we have been looking forward to the weekend. After a week of work we all deserve to relax among friends, old and new. Have a bite to eat and mix and mingle. The best place for that is at Melanie Pringles. Bring your friends and neighbours and of course, your spouse. Get acquainted with people who live in your community. We hope to see you there.

BOSs'S Women's Wise Words - October 30th

Jolie Café

15,00 CA$

It's Essential For Women To Empower Other Women I am inviting you to join us and connect with a diversity of women from all walks of life, whether you are a stay at home mom, or a business woman. Every woman is welcome. We are purposely all over the map. We will connect in various places and times all across Durham so you don't miss out. Every woman has a story. Our speakers are woman, just like you. They are going to share with you a story, that may inspire you, that may resonate with you, one that will make you laugh or cry. It is all about being stronger together. The cost is $15.00. Lunch is complimentary I wish that you would join us and invite a friend to attend with you.

BOSs'S Each One Teach Others - October 17th

OpenStudio Art Cafe

Have you ever thought that you're priced out of the real estate market; are there other ways you can afford real estate? In this session you will have those questions answered during this session. You’ll discover how you can acquire cheap real estate from local governments in Ontario. No charge for event, but we encourage you to support the café. There is ample parking at this waterfront meeting place. Limited number of participants. Register early to ensure a seat.

Vergangene Events (125)

Your Mind, Money and Bottom Line

Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade

10,00 CA$

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