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Barcelona.JS is a usergroup focused on JavaScript and related topics.

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BarcelonaJS September 2019

Adevinta (Schibsted Media Group)

Hello everyone! We're back from the summer holidays with a new edition of BarcelonaJS. We will have as usual two talks: Miguel Ángel Durán - @midudev Miguel works as Enabler Front-end Developer at Adevinta. He accelerates teams by building cross tools, sharing best practices and helping to solve meaningful problems. "Once Upon a Time... to Interactive and Web Performance" Join me on a trip to discover why performance is more important than you think and how it affects your SEO, your income, your brand and, most importantly, your users. Understand the metrics you should know and follow. Then, face the biggest enemy that our performance concerns will have: Time To Interactive. Finally, get ready to learn the two keys that you, your team and your company should keep in mind to improve your performance indefinitely and obtain a set of ‘silver bullets’ you can leverage to enhance all and every one of your metrics. ────────────── Tiago Pombeiro - @tpombeiro87 Tiago is a engineering lead at Typeform working with two cross functional teams focusing on growth initiatives specifically within the acquisition, activation, and retention areas. "How to build a culture of Experimentation" How can we try different approaches in our products without impacting the business? How can we be sure that the changes that we want to apply to our product will indeed improve our growth metrics? This talk will answer these questions by showcasing the advantages of having a culture of experimentation using methodologies like A/B testing. We will go throw what are AB tests and how to successfully incorporate then on your development process. We will also see methodologies in order to create and run AB tests, important concepts and tips to take into consideration while doing so accompanied with real case examples. ────────────── After the talks, we'll have drinks and networking! Are you interested in giving a talk or have a question? Feel free to comment or shoot a meetup message to the organizers. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news @BcnJS (https://twitter.com/BcnJS) Sponsors: Adevinta - www.adevinta.com We are a global digital player, the biggest marketplace specialist in Europe. But we are still a family of local brands – because we believe all great marketplaces are local. Our marketplaces serve people where they live, acknowledging what’s special about every culture and every place, helping local economies to grow sustainably.

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BarcelonaJS July 2019

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