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Mindfulness & Vitality through Qigong
Cultivating mindfulness and vitality is a great way to ensure that we stay strong and energized for many years to come. Stresses of daily life often leave us depleted and exhausted and open us up to pathogens and stress related disorders. However, there are many simple and effective exercises that can help us recharge and/or relax. Join us for an evening of learning about and practicing simple yet very effective exercises from Qigong - a branch of an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine system. It is never too late or too early to start gathering a set of techniques that will help you stay healthy and productive throughout your life. More details: As always, we will start with registration and aperos at 19:00. We kindly ask for a 15CHF donation that allows us at CCN to bring you events on a monthly basis. The workshop will start promptly at 19:30. About the Speaker: Olga is a certified Qigong Healer and has been studying this modality under the tutelage of Grandmaster T. K. Shih OMD, L.Ac - fifth generation Chinese Medicine Doctor and Qigong healer, and Fran Maher & Brian Coffee - certified instructors from T.K.Shih school. While studying and practicing Qigong, Olga found that these ancient practices promoted her physical and emotional healing, increased her energy and resilience and most of all helped her develop an ability to find joy in any situation of her busy life. Additionally, Olga is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Angel Therapist, practitioner of Vipassana Mediation, Distinguished Toastmaster, and an R&D Scientist - so you can see why she uses Qigong to cultivate energy to keep up with all her pursuits and continual personal and professional growth!

Basel Centrepoint.

Im Lohnhof 8. · 4051 Basel

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