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Live Music: Nikki Forova & the Band
Hello dear friends, Dive into music and rhythm with my band and I, swim in the sound, hear inspiring lyrics and embrace the world with us on the Evening of OCTOBER 13! I'm Nikki Forova, singer-songwriter (UKR/USA/CH). I lived in Zurich for 5 years and recently moved to London. I've toured through Europe and US and had some MTV appearances. Coming to you from London! We're bringing you my newly finished record "Diamonds." This record is vibrant and energetic. Rhythmic beats, multi-layered vocal textures, abundant live strings underpin the lyrics about life's enormous potency of each moment, living in the now, loving life even in its hardest times because it shapes us into more empathetic and stronger people, about the beauty born out of our journey. 19:30: Doors open 20:00: Concert begins 22:00: CD Signing, socialize, etc TICKETS: At the Door or on Sale now: https://nikkiforova.com/concert-tickets (25 Fr.): You can hear the little previews of the record here: https://nikkiforova.com/album/856083/diamonds-new-ep Here are some videos of us playing the sound of my previous records: https://youtu.be/dO2dmWfTyEU https://youtu.be/kLD9rIz0aic My band is a talented group of musicians (vln, gtr 1, gtr 2, bass, pno, drums) who played in Art on Ice, in various Orchestras, ETH Band, and toured extensively. Please join us to celebrate life! Press: "Die Songwriterin träumt sich in blumige und versunkene Pianoballaden." Rolling Stone, Sep 2015 “Nikki's voice and music capture such intense feelings of incredible beauty, that it feels like I'm falling in love.” All Indie Magazine / USA Let's have some fun times! Nikki Forova


Hirschengraben 86 · Zürich

Worum es bei uns geht

Are you a musician or singer in the Basel or Zurich areas looking to meet others? Or maybe you used to sing or play an instrument years ago and have been thinking about starting again? Well now's the time! This group is for anyone that wants to collaborate with other musicians and singers, or just jam and share musical talents with like minded people. The idea is to bring musicians and / or singers together, be it for regular practice, musical collaborations, or even impromptu jam sessions. Whether you're starting off singing or playing a new instrument or have been singing / playing for years it can be difficult doing it by yourself. There's nothing like meeting fellow musicians and pooling ideas and skills, and the whole is practically always greater than the sum of its parts!

Another idea is to link Basel and Zurich together as they are less than an hour apart. There are lots of people that travel between both cities on a daily and weekly basis, and any meetups in Basel are open to anyone from Zurich and vice versa. So for example if you're from Basel and find yourself in Zurich of a weekend and itching to play your guitar or maybe sing with some backing musicians, then this group will make it easy to arrange a session or join any that might already be taking place.

The group is open to all skill levels from beginner upwards so don't be shy :) If you're a singer, guitarist, keyboard player, drummer, or play any other instrument and want to join up with others in the Basel or Zurich areas then sign up - you've got nothing to lose :)

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