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Let's play some beach volleyball (sand volleyball) and make some new friends!

Please, please read the below before joining!

For intermediate or advanced players only. The format will almost always be 2 on 2. You are an intermediate player if you're able to play three touches on each side (instead of hitting the ball over right away when it comes to you) and if you have decent control. This meetup was started in order to bring folks together that have progressed beyond being a beginner to play some competitive games. You by no means need to be advanced, but please note that in order to maintain the interest of those intermediate players that sign up, beginners will be asked to improve a little before attending another session. Please don't take offense if an organizer sends you an email after a session asking you to practice a bit more before returning.

Also the below is very important so that we don't end up with a dysfunctional group :)

Volleyball groups or groups for small team sports often suffer from people signing up but not coming or people canceling just before the event. Please be considerate of people on the wait list and cancel your spot if you are not going to come. IF YOU SAY "YES" TO A MEETUP, AND DON'T ATTEND THREE TIMES, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GROUP for three months.

Hope to see you on the beach to have some fun playing volleyball!

This group was started on Sunday, Aug. 02, 2016 so as membership increases, feel free to contact the admin if you want to be an organizer!

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