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Crowdfunding brings people together who believe in an idea. Together they finance and spread the word of their vision. In this way many crowdfunders create the power, which brings the project to live. You have a vision but no money? You wonder how you can reach the people out there to tell them of you idea? So crowdfunding is the answer!

This group is about everything related to the topic of 'crowdfunding'. We will offer you news, workshops and presentations for learning more about 'crowdfunding' and how your ideas and project will be successfully funded.

In dieser Gruppe dreht sich alles um das Thema Crowdfunding. Wir bieten euch die neusten Informationen, Workshops und Präsentationen, um tiefer in das Thema 'Crowdfunding' einzutauchen. Außerdem soll die Gruppe dazu dienen euch zu zeigen, wie eure Projekte und Ideen erfolgreich finanziert werden können.

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