Cycle IF… - An Apple A Day, part 2


Berlin Ostkreuz Station

· Berlin

Wie du uns findest

09:30 at the ticket machine on the SOUTHERN end of platform 13/14 in Ostkreuz.

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ROUTE: Templin - Ringenwalde - Joachimsthal
LEVEL: Easy-peasy
SPEED: 15-18 km/h
MEETING POINT: Berlin Ostkreuz, 09:30 o'clock.
TICKET: On your own OR Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket when you sign up for it (Details below)
REQUIREMENTS: A proper bike and social behaviour!
FAQ: Ask me!

"Cylce IF" means it depends on the weather IF the tour takes place! This will be finally decided 2 days before. But according to the current forecast it looks fine!

Leaving Templin Stadt we head just some short 3 km to the "Apfeltag 2019 im Naturpark Uckermärkische Seen",, a small but interesting event with local food and preferably some coffee and cake!
After this break we head further some 18 km on solid ground via Ahlimbsmühle to Ringenwalde. Depending on mood and situation we'll have lunch in the "Gasthof zur Eisenbahn" or "Zum Grünen Baum" (the later was recommended lately).
From Ringenwalde it goes down south towards Joachimsthal.
If time permits we will have a little detour to an Apple allée with plenty of various sorts. Maybe there is still a chance to pick and take some back home.
We're finally heading back home from Kaiserbahnhof Joachimsthal.

This is a 37ish km ride with mainly solid ground.
If you want to bring Kids or Animals please get in touch before!

09:30 at the ticket machine on the SOUTHERN end of platform 13/14 in Ostkreuz.
I have a blue Villiger Trekking bike and wear probably some greenish clothes.

I buy a BBT for those who contact or text me before SAT, 09:00 (I send my mobile number via PN). Final share is the number of BBTs / ppl. using it. (between 5,80 and 9,60).
Bike-Daytickets are on your own.

09:47 - dep. Berlin Ostkreuz, platform 14, taking RB 12 (61111)
11:18 - arr. Templin Stadt

18:25 - dep. Joachimsthal Kaiserbahnhof, taking RB 63 (61376)
18:38 - arr. Britz, switching trains
18:47 - dep. Britz, taking RE 3 (91455)
19:05 - arr. Bernau, switching trains
19:17 - dep. Bernau, taking S 2
19:49 - arr. Berlin Gesundbrunnen(S)
20:06 - arr. Berlin Yorckstr.(S2)
This train goes every hour.

Bring some snacks and drinks along! And brings some bags in case you want to buy or pick something!

And please make sure your bike is in a proper state!!!
Having a toolset is highly recommended and a spare inner tube to fix a flat tyre a big plus!

Bringing special equipment (Helmet, safety vest etc.) is NOT required but welcome if you feel more safe using it.
In general there is nothing required from my side except social behaviour!