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Would you like to flourish in your relationships? Do you want improve how you manage your triggers? Would you like to feel more comfortable supporting yourself or others who are suffering? Would you like to learn how to be more effective in working with others, and managing your life goals?

Underlying all human actions are needs. Understanding and acknowledging these needs can create a shared basis for connection, cooperation, and harmonious relationships. Our similarities outweigh our differences. Understanding needs naturally brings out compassion. When this happens, our deeper creativity flourishes, and solutions arise. At this depth, conflicts and misunderstandings can be resolved with greater ease.

In this group, we'll learn about and practice empathy and other skills that help make life richer and more fulfilling, and you more effective. We'll use skills from several areas including:

- Non-violent Communication (Gewaltfreie Kommunikation)
- Dialectical Behavior
- and more

This is an open group. Those with interest and the desire to lead a session are welcome to contribute.

There is never a charge for meetups.

This group is not a place for selling products or services.

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