Security Night: Capture the Flag (CTF)

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As promised, we have a spinoff from our regular "Security Night Meetups": Capture the Flag!

A Security Capture The Flag event gives an insight into the practical aspects of information security. Software and Hardware have to be analyzed and vulnerabilities need to be exploited in order to get points. A participant has to solve as many tasks as possible in a specified timeframe. The person with the most points wins, good luck!

To participate, bring your own laptops and tools. We recommend Kali Linux on a Live USB Stick.

Lev9L, an information security CTF-Team, formed to get a better understanding of applied security in the real world. The members are Wolf-J. Stange, Michael Nowak, Pascal Schäfer and more.
Pascal Schäfer is a bachelor student of computational science and mathematics at the University of Potsdam. He works as a software developer at Deloitte GmbH.
Wolf-J. Stange is a master student and leading frontend developer at the University of Potsdam.
Michael Nowak is a master student of computational science and Cyber Security consultant at PwC CSS.

Emergency number if you get locked out during meetup or can't find it: [masked]

This meetup is unsponsored, therefore bring your own food :) Drinks can be bought on-site from the co-up.

You can find the Security Community Berlin offline at the events and online on our Slack Channel