Security Night November

SysEleven GmbH

Boxhagener Str 79 · Berlin

Wie du uns findest

Please note that there have been some maps in past that displayed the wrong location. The street number is 79, if you stand in front of the Penny market, go the right side of the building where you find the side entrance with number 79.

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Welcome to our Security Night!

We have the following exciting agenda with great speakers and a great crowd:

19:00 Welcome Round and Introduction by Kenny, Michael, Malte.

19:15 Binary Instrumentation with Frida - A Very Short Primer by Hendrik Spiegel, Security Architect at HERE Technologies.

Have you ever wished for having a scriptable shell inside(!) a running program?
Frida gives you exactly that. It is a binary instrumentation framework that provides a JavaScript-based interface for manipulating processes at runtime.
This talk will introduce you to Frida by demoing small "Hello, World!" use cases on Linux and Android.

19:35 Nextcloud Encryption Deep-Dive by Kenny Niehage, Chief Information Security Officer @ SysEleven.

Nextcloud is one of the best-known software solutions for hosting your own file sharing cloud solution. After encountering issues with the server-side file encryption SysEleven set out to explore the details of the encryption scheme. This talk is about what we did (not!) find in the documentation, our work on the server-side file encryption and about a vulnerability that was lurking in the code.

20:00 Networking

21:30 End

Security nights are organized by Michael from Port Zero, a software development and security consultancy, and Malte, security enthusiast and critical thinker. We organise this meetup as a contribution to the security scene in Berlin and to foster networking and knowledge exchange, as well as mutual support and learning.

Drinks and Snacks are sponsored by SysEleven GmbH, Cloud made in Germany.

Emergency numbers if you get locked out during meetup or can't find it: [masked] and [masked]

You can find us offline at the events and online on our Slack Channel