Security Night February

Berlin Internet Security Group
Berlin Internet Security Group
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SysEleven GmbH

Boxhagener Str 79 · Berlin

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Please note that there have been some maps in past that displayed the wrong location. The street number is 79, if you stand in front of the Penny market, go the right side of the building where you find the side entrance with number 79.

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Dear Berlin Security Community,

We are happy to be able to welcome you to the first Security Night of 2020.

This time we have three interesting talks:
1. Attack surface of Kubernetes by Johannes Baer of GG-Sec

"In this talk I will try to give you all a quick introduction of what the actual attack surface of Kubernetes is - by that I mean what really potentially changes for an attacker as soon he compromises an environment which has been deployed in a container managed by Kubernetes. By doing so, we will touch some of the more important parts of security aspects of Linux containers as well as the new attack surface that might be introduced when managing them using Kubernetes and how to manage it."

2. Introductions of Computer Forensics by Tobias Mayer from

"Computers can be considered a 'scene of a crime', as they hold evidence about real-world crimes, like fraud, forgery, theft, and others. But they themself are also victims of attacks, so valuable or sensitive information is getting stolen, services are disrupted or data is manipulated for the gain of others. In this talk, we will have an overview about the field of investigating such events. This involves legal considerations, forensic processes, and technical aspects."

3: Buffer Overflows (Foundational Talk) by Martin

"In our first foundational talk, I want to introduce the most important basics of buffer overflows. These are bugs in software and, if successfully exploited by an attacker, could pose a security risk to our assets. To mitigate risks, operating systems and compilers have been optimized in order to implement proper controls."

Drinks and Snacks are sponsored by SysEleven GmbH, Cloud made in Germany.

Emergency numbers if you get locked out during meetup or can't find it: [masked] and [masked]

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