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Kyusho is awesome! Kyusho is the idea of studying the body's pressure points and techniques to stimulate them both for self defence, healing and massage. Because the cool thing is, once you've gotten the technique and feeling down, you can use it one way to defend yourself effectively and the other way round to help friends with stuff like headaches, stomach pain or nervousness. Even more you can use your new gained skill for a massage that will both invigorate and ease muscle strain.

Topics of this Meetup include:
- Kyusho Self Defence
- Kyusho Healing Arts
- Kyusho Massage
- Learning about the meridians and flow of energy
- First Aid Techniques
- Working with Energetics

In every Meetup we will take an idea from Kyusho and explore its application in self defence, healing arts and massage. As organizer I am always open for ideas and suggestions for the next Meetup. So if you have a specific concept or situation in mind, tell me and we will focus on it for the next Meetup.

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