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What is a LIFE ARTIST ( A life artist is a human being engaged passionately in the act of being human.

We are those who love being alive and want to squeeze every bit of juiciness from this life gift as possible. Therefore we live as who we are - sensing physical beings. We meet the unknown - trying, exploring, laughing at ourselves - living a life of intense meaning while seeing the folly of it all. We do so because we know we will eventually die. We use this knowledge to be here now, enjoying the struggle and bliss of being alive.

CREATIVITY is a physical experience.
I believe, creativity is the result of our natural state – physical beings engaging and participating with the world around us. When we are creative without complication, we experience ourselves as alive, attentive, interested, and very physical. Our creativity revitalizes our ability to be attentive to the world we live in, others, and the present moment. It reconnects us to our expression and curiosity. We are tactile, sensual, playful; fully alive with enjoyment and health.

The body is missing from our dialog and experience of creativity.
My premise is that we are missing something in our ability to tap into our creative confidence, to move through our fears and self-judgment, and be able to actualize our creativity, projects, and aims with ease. We are missing the connection to ourselves as physical creatures. We forget that our ideas and projects eventually have to become physical – or they never get seen, heard, or finished. They instead stay unreal – somewhere in our minds or emotions. Since our body is where we actually experience, play with and build reality – it makes sense that the body is the natural place to focus our attention when wanting to embody our aims, projects, and creativity. In other words, the more physical we are the easier it is to create.

Developing Body attention supports our natural creativity
I teach, write, and lecture about developing Body Attention towards creative confidence. Training in Body Attention is a practical art. When meeting creative excitement and fear - the greater our attention to our physical responses becomes - the more we can tap into our body, notice how our fears are manifesting themselves physically, and train to stop this physical habit or way of being which stands in the way of creative confidence - moving our projects and creative ideas from the intangible drawing board to the embodied real time. This is Creative power!

This meet up's purpose is to meet and learn tools to allow us to develop our creative expression and aims effectively and with greater pleasure and less complication. We will have meetups where we discuss, where we train and learn, and life artist events - hangs, fun, and new experiences in creative expression. It is a place to meet, network, share creative struggles and solutions, and above all learn together.

I look forward to meeting all of you. (

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