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Running, workout and martial arts
We'll go for a run and some exercise in Gleisdreieck park. Then we come back to the gym for some stretching, strengthening, as well as coordination, reflex and balance training. All of this as part of a small, friendly group open to anyone, without any prior knowledge or specific degree of fitness required. In the last part of the session, we practice martial arts techniques from Jutaijutsu, a traditional Japanese martial art focused on self-defence. Interested? Come along and try us. You'll need running shoes and comfortable workout clothes, including a raincoat or the like for the park in case of bad weather. Once indoors, we train barefoot. This Meetup is free of charge! Our background is in Jutaijutsu and we are linked to www.kadeshi.de, a martial arts school based in Berlin.


Steinmetzstraße 46 · Berlin

Worum es bei uns geht

We're a group of people who like to exercise together in the park, connect, and have a good time. Our workout is inspired by martial arts. We like to explore parks, climb stuff, check out playgrounds (it's amazing how many playgrounds are also a good challenge for grown-ups), do some running, stretching and strengthening, and practice a bit of self-defense and martial arts stuff. We're open to anyone interested: all ages, genders, nationalities, languages and stages of (un-)fitness are welcome!

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