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What is a MasterMind group about?
A MasterMind group is a wonderful idea. Each of you know, that together with others you can achieve more in life, solve problems easier and get new ideas, where you would have been stuck alone. E.g. you are thinking about a problem for hours and not finding a solution; frustrated you call a friend and tell her about that problem, she comments and gives her views on the problem. This adds a new perspective on the problem, which allows you to find a solution from a different angle.

This is what MasterMinding is all about.

Understanding. Listening to each other willing to understand and help the other with his individual situation.

Exchange. Exchanging ideas and experience that might help in the other's situation.

Differing Perspectives. Benefiting from the our different perspectives, education and background.

Resources. Everyone has different resources at hand (tools, contacts, skills). Combining them gives us a much larger set of tools to tackle problems and goals.

Motivation. Setting personal goals within the group helps actively working towards them, as the others will be curious about your progress.

So this is no coaching session?

This is not a coaching session, where you enter as trainee expecting a professional trainer to coach you. You enter as trainee and trainer at the same time. This means while the group will listen to you and try to help you, an proportional amount of time, you should be the one to listen and help the others. This especially means that we are all equals in this group.

yikes! there will be homework. There is only so much ideas, that will come up on the fly, or during brainstorming. Thus I think, if we want to help each other, we should carry each other's tasks (the problem she is working on, or the goal he is trying to achieve) with us out of the group and give it some thought here and there. I am sure we will get some really good ideas for her or him until the next meetup. Communication outside the meetup is allowed!

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