Global DevOps Bootcamp

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Global DevOps Bootcamp is a global event that will be held on Saturday, June 15th and is all about DevOps on the Microsoft Stack. Centrally organized by Xpirit and Solidify and offered to you by this local partner. During this 1-day event, we will join (Microsoft) DevOps communities all around the world to talk, learn and play with DevOps concepts.
Goals of the Global DevOps Bootcamp:
• DevOps in general
• Insights into where we are heading when it comes to DevOps and new technologies
• Get your hands dirty and play with all the good Microsoft DevOps stuff

This year's theme will be "You build it, you run away it!". We will kick off with an introduction of a well-known authority in the DevOps space, followed by a keynote from the local partner about where we are heading with DevOps.
This time the event is all about the "run" part of DevOps. It will help you understand the latest DevOps trends and insights on modern technologies. You will learn about the concept of Detect, Respond, Recover. By means of production like scenarios and disruptions, you will learn to overcome several challenges and experience how to not only build a solution but also run it as a true DevOps team would. It is an amazing combination between getting your hands dirty and sharing experience and knowledge around Azure and DevOps practices with other community members.
Of course, you will not be on your own. During the day you will be supported and guided by local experts who are active in the Microsoft Community.

• 09:00 Drop-in, coffee
• 10:00 Introduction
• 10:15 Keynote
• 10:45 Local keynote
• 11:15 Start bootcamp
• 13:00 Lunch
• 13:30 Continue bootcamp
• 16:00 Demos
• 16:30 Wrap-up

Even though this is a free event, still a lot of effort is put into it. This is not possible without heavy sponsoring. So, if you register make sure, that you can come or cancel this event early enough so others can get your seat.

RSVP is only possible on the following link:

General info about this event can be found on the Global Website: