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Different Platforms - Different Architectures
During this Meetup we're going to see different ways for structuring a mobile application depending on the platform it is developed on. The idea is to see what parts of the application are generic to all the platforms and which ones depends on the "platform way of doing it". Without showing any or too much code only the core concepts of each platform are going to be presented. Without being to detailed, the kind of application should be a TODO-List with photos. The following platforms are going to be presented: • Android Native in Java by Thomasz • Xamarin.Android • Xamarin.iOS: Yevhenii • Xamarin.Forms: Daniel Each speaker shouldn't spend more than 15 minutes on his platform so that we can have a hopefully interesting discussion afterwards. The Meetup is scheduled for the beginning of October with an exact date yet to be announced. Looking forward seeing you there, Daniel

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    This group is for developers who currently use or are curious about using Xamarin technologies to develop cross-platform mobile applications. We get together to share the projects we're working on, new libraries in the ecosystem, demo code and apps with each other.

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