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Hi Crew Members, It's time for a new Berlin Mobile Quality Crew Meetup. This time we will be hosted by Idealo, who will sponsor the event with drinks and bagels.
Our speakers for the night will be Asaf Saar, Product Manager at Sauce Labs, and Ron Werner, Mobile Testing Lead at QualityMinds.

Between and after the talks there will be plenty of time to network and ask questions.

6:30pm - Welcome to BMQC Meetup! Grab something to drink and a seat
7:00pm - Let's kick-off this meetup with Hannes/Oli, followed by our first talk by Ron Werner: "Dragons and Knights - Mobile Test Automation using Calabash"
7:45pm - Time to eat something and refuel before the next talk
8:00pm - Second talk by Asaf Saar: "Discovering Appium - A journey for beginners"
8:45pm - More networking, more drinks, more food

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Oli & Hannes


Talks details:

1) Ron Werner, QualityMinds -
Dragons and Knights - Mobile Test Automation using Calabash

Mobile Testing specialist Ron wants to make a difference and packed the story of a mobile automation journey into a medieval tale with dragons, knights, and an obligatory princess to be rescued! The story of the knight Sir Rawnell is about to unfold, un unsung hero who rode out to fight a dragon and save the princess. For his quest, given to him by a global leader in construction management software, he had to chose the right weapon. His account will tell you how he found Calabash to automate the end-to-end tests for an iOS & Android hybrid app. The final selection was a difficult one, as you will be told, but he was happy with his choice. Alas, fierce difficulties and hardship are looming! Did he succeed in his quest? Register to this talk to find out… In the second half Ron will „walk the talk“ and present a live demo of Calabash and Cucumber. He will demonstrate on a hybrid app how to get started creating your own tests. He will share the joys of the interactive Ruby console - prepare to see the beauty of identifying native and web elements inside an app, how to use the console to query your app under test and help you debug your tests. But no fear, thanks to Cucumber the tests are written as BDD (Given-When-Then), making it easy for all to follow his actions. He will show how you, becoming or being a keen automation engineer, can follow his trails and start your own mobile automation project with Calabash. Finally, we will discuss the future of testing using Calabash, as the main open source contributor Xamarin has announced the end of their feature developments.

About Ron:
Ron Werner, Mobile Testing Lead at QualityMinds As a C64 and Amiga veteran, Ron heard the early calling of the Internet and got into programming websites in 1998. He’s ever since worked in various technical IT positions, but thoroughly enjoyed testing and concentrated on software quality in 2008. He successfully built up test teams in Germany and the UK while working for a leading international web and mobile software provider for the construction industry. He has built browser and app automation suites, has past experience in engaging crowdtesting and now specializes in mobile testing. Currently engaged as Mobile Team Lead for QualityMinds, a Software Quality Consultancy in Munich. He spoke at European Testing Conference 2017 and will be a EuroSTAR presenter later this year in Copenhagen.
As life’s not all about work, he likes mountain biking and climbing as well as spending quality time with his wife and three sons.

2) Asaf Saar, Sauce Labs -
Discovering Appium - A journey for beginners

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and web mobile apps. In fact it is the most common open source solution for Mobile Test Automation.
In this talk we will discuss and learn how to onboard Appium.
We will cover the good and the bad, the easy and the not so, the ins and out of the solution along with tips & tricks to be successful and in addition a decent coverage of other open source and free alternatives.
Lastly we will review how tests can be executed locally on a USB connected mobile device, a local emulator or simulator, or against cloud based virtual and real devices.

About Asaf:
Asaf is Director of Product Management at Sauce Labs. Previously Chief Product Owner at Perfecto Mobile, Founder and CEO at TenKod and Area Product Owner of Software Engineering at SAP.