Worum es bei uns geht

The life of an Office Manager (or Executive Assistant, Team Assistant, Events Coordinator, Happiness Manager, or whatever your job title is...) is often a pretty lonely one. Often, you're the only person in your company doing the kind of tasks that you do and you don't have any co-workers to bounce your ideas off, give you a sanity check, get tips, swap recommendations, let off steam, or sometimes even just talk to about life's obstacles.

A lot of us are doing this job with no prior experience and since the job requires a broad range of skills (from fixing broken things in the office, shopping for coffee machines and assembling IKEA furniture, to more complicated stuff like dealing with the Gewerbeamt, health & safety issues and even accounting), we often find ourselves needing someone to support us.

So we created this group!

We want to network with others in our situation, act in solidarity, learn from each other, celebrate our successes (no matter how mini they are!), figure out solutions to each others' problems - basically be there for the good times and the bad.

If you'd like to join our Slack group, you can sign up here: https://omberlin.slack.com/signup

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