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This group is for like-minded outdoor sport enthusiasts based in the Berlin. We organize bouldering & rock-climbing, beach volleyball, ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, cycling, stand-up paddling, kayaking, hiking, frisbee and yoga events and so far everyone had a blast. The meet-ups will most certainly be accompanied with drinks afterwards.

All members are welcome to suggest & organize their own meetup.
If you need help with the organization part, just send one of the event organizers/organizers a message, we'll gladly help.

If you have any idea - just let us know and we'll sort it out.


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Friday Bouldering @ FELSHELDEN, Baltic Sea

Zum Zollamt

Hey everybody! I'll use my stay at the Baltic Sea to check out another bouldering location - the FELSHELDEN in Warnemünde (http://www.felshelden.de/ ; USC member btw). If you happen to be around you are very welcome to join! In case you wanna host a bouldering session in Berlin instead, let me know.

Camping, Biking and Swimming at Parsteiner See

S Gesundbrunnen

The Parsteiner See is the third largest natural lake in Brandenburg and has perfectly clear waters, so let‘s spend a weekend swimming and exploring the surroundings by bike. The campground has a wonderful large tent meadow. In the vicinity is the eco-village Brodowin. The idea is to take the train at 17:06 on Friday to Chorin, and then cycle at a leisurely pace about one hour to the campground. (The trail is quite foresty and is largely unpaved). On Sunday we‘ll eventually make our way back to the train station in the afternoon. I’ll bring a grill, so bring stuff for BBQ. Train ride: We have to take the S-Bahn to Bernau and then change to the train to Chorin. The train runs every hour. If you want to join at a different S-Bahn station, in Bernau, or directly at the campground, feel free to do so. Overall train time from Gesundbrunnen is 1:10h, then it‘s another hour by bike.

Cyc… no, wait… Canoeing on the Rheinsberger Seenplatte**

** = ==================== PLEASE NOTE: ==================== Me+1 have a car this weekend and can take 2 more people with us. I will contact ppl on the Wait list to confirm the details. For the next 4 ppl someone who drives a second car is required. So, if you have or will rent one please get in touch with me directly. Then we will extend the number of attendees to 8 total. The 40,- EUR, which covers transport and rental, has to be paid via Paypal before FRI and is NOT REFUNDABLE! ======================================================== ROUTE: Starting at Natur-Campingplatz C24 and pass the Labussee, Canowsee, Pälitzsee and the Hüttenkanal and the Tietzowsee to end up at the "Campground Eckernkoppel". After a longer break/picknick there we head back to where we started. There are plenty of spots to jump into the water. Then I have booked a table in one of the best restaurants in Brandenburg, the www.seehof-rheinsberg.de where we have a very delicious Dinner after a great day on the water. DISTANCE AND TERRAIN: The driving distance is about 120 km one way. That's why we have to start that early. The distance on the water is approx. 18 km… and the Terrain…quite swaying. This means 4 to 5 hours on the water. MEETING POINT: 07:30 at the Total petrol station in front of the ibis hotel WAY OUT: 07:45 - starting at the Petrol station 09:45 - arriving at the Rental station WAY BACK: 18:30 - leaving the Rental station 19:00 - stop for Dinner at www.seehof-rheinsberg.de 22:00 - arriving back in Berlin COSTS: 40,- EUR per Person, which includes the boat rental and the transfer costs (car & gasoline). This has to be paid BEFORE Friday, 12:00 o'clock. It does not include the dinner! RECOMMENDATIONS: Make sure you have enough liquids, sun blocker, and clothes to cover yourself. And bring some snacks for the picknick.

Cycle & dine - Stechlinseebahn and Mulberry Festival**

** = ==================== PLEASE NOTE: ==================== Due to simply too many "No shows" I had to set up a wait list and will contact ppl there approx. 6-3 days prior to the scheduled date asking if they can confirm their attendance! Therefore: Join the wait list and make sure you can receive Email notifications 'cos I mainly communicate directly! No response = no "Going"! ======================================================== ROUTE: Starting in Gransee we follow the Stechlinseebahn, a beautiful former railway embankment for about 14 km before we arrive in Zernikow. On this Saturday Gut Zernikow celebrates their "19. Zernikower Maulbeerfest", https://gut-zernikow.de/2019/19-zernikower-maulbeerfest, which is related to the silkworm breeding from the 18th century and an age-old Mulberry allée close by, https://mlul.brandenburg.de/cms/detail.php/bb1.c.304660.de. After enjoying hopefully delicious specialities we pass the Mulberry allée with more than 250 years old trees on the way to the Stechlinsee. There we stop for a swim (or two, and maybe pop by the Fishermen) before we head along the Peetschsee and Steinförde to arrive Fürstenberg after some 38 km. From there the train brings us straight back to Berlin. Registration ONLY here: https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Cycling/events/262488084/

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