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Flat or house share Meetup
If you are looking for a flat or a house mate, why not meetup first and discuss? Maybe you can find a housemate or two to put the deposit together and then find the ideal place. You may have to decide who gets the poky rooms ;-) or who has got the better Schufa. We hope to have an up-to-date list of available places to take away.

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    Let's get together for nurturing opportunities live and work towards getting your own place. Getting onto the the Property ladder, finding that suitable apartment or allotment is getting more difficult on your own. We can explore new options, help you on your property dream, forming knowledge alliances, potential joint ownerships or offering a heads up to a property development project that maybe unique and right in your ball park. We can also have events for just the group investors, developers, teaming up with trades or just finding them to get you place modernised or kitted out with gadgets, and many more topics about a place to live, from renting, letting to buying or building all with a bit of fun and teamwork.

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