#37 Kirill Müller | {dm} facilitates working with multiple tables

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Quite spontaneous like that, next Tuesday (16th July) we will have Kirill Müller presenting a {dm}, a new package that facilitates working with multiple tables. He gives a motivation for using multiple tables in the first place, outlines the features of this package, and discusses future development. The presentation will be interactive with live coding and a script that attendants can run during or after the presentation.

Check out https://krlmlr.github.io/dm

As usual, short contributions and announcements from the audience are always welcome. We want to be a diverse and inclusive group, please come, bring your friends. We're hoping for a nice crowd enjoying interesting talks and chats.

Our generous host Europace AG will prepare drinks and snacks for us.

See you next Tuesday!

Kirill Müller

Very active R developer, collaborator in more than 30 packages on CRAN... https://www.rdocumentation.org/collaborators/name/Kirill%20M%C3%BCller