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This group is open to All - those who never tried Reiki as well as Reiki practitioners!

My name is Ewelina Bubanja, I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Seishin Reiki - A traditional Japanese Reiki School in Berlin.

We offer a safe, nurturing environment in which to receive healing, learn and practice tools and techniques that reconnect you to your inner space and peace — bringing you back to a natural state of balance and harmony. By taking this moment to pause – you grow and allow yourself to hear what your body and mind is telling you.

When you are in balance and harmony you have a greater capacity to absorb life’s ups and downs, to heal yourself, integrating everything that happens on a deeper, more profound level. You will begin to embrace the flow of life, accepting and trusting all changes rather than fighting against them.

I offer regular workshops teaching Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master Level, Chakra Balancing Yoga and Reiki, Meditation classes and Reiki Energy Healing Treatments. I also hold Reiki Healing Circles open for all, also those who never tried Reiki before, as well as monthly Reiki Shares for those who are attuned to any level of Reiki and from any Reiki lineage.

Looking forward to meeting you!

MORE INFO: http://www.reikischoolberlin.com

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