Worum es bei uns geht

Hello Berliners!!

Are you interested in Reiki? If you don't know what is Reiki, if you have no chance to use Reiki, just join us!!

Reiki is a Japanese originated energy work for health and happiness!! yahhhh!

I will not go brah brah here!! The best way is to feel it and to experience it!!

Love to see you in work shop or meeting!!


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Gendai Reiki Level - 2 in English or Japanese

Schlegelstraße 9

Gendai Reiki Level - 2 with English or Japanese Date : 14. March from 12 - 18 incl. short brake Venue : TAMARO Mitte Berlin ( http://www.tamaro-zen.de/index.html ) Price : 150 € + 10〜20 € (Manuel) Book your place till 11. March!! Its a workshop for Gendai Reiki Level - 1 holder. So if you are not, pls let me know in advance. Ikue Maekawa

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Reiki Meeting in Berlin

Tamaro Zen

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