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There are a lot of book clubs for people who want to read "regular" books - so why not one for the science fiction lovers and those wanting to explore the genre!

We’re a very international group (beings from all Earth-bound continents except Antarctica have attended!) that gets together twice a month at a fine Berlin drinking establishment to discuss the book of the meetup.

Being a friendly social group, we enjoy a good, lively discussion and welcome all viewpoints so we’re very much looking forward to hearing yours!

To make sure everyone feels welcome, we agreed upon a simple idea for how we will treat each other and we all pinky swore to uphold this for all eternity and it goes something like this:

“The Official Berlin Science Fiction Book Club Meetup Code of Conduct: Be excellent to each other, or get out.”

If you ever feel like you’re not being treated excellently, please let the organizer know and it will be handled as close to immediately as possible. (In the event of the invention of time travel it will be handled even before it happens.)

Please note that we have a policy of removing people from the group if they are a no-show twice for meetups they have RSVPd to. It just isn't fair to others who wish to attend but can't because the limited places were taken up by people who regularly no-show!

Here is a handy-dandy FAQ for some of our most FAQs:

Q: When should I read the book?
A: Read the book before the meetup event. We read the books ahead of time and then discuss them during the event.

Q: Why are there 2 meetups per book?
A: Because the meeting size is strictly limited to encourage a group discussion where everyone can hear and participate, so they often fill up. We have 2 meetups per book to make sure everyone who wants to attend can!

Q: Do I have to attend both meetups per book?
A: No, but if you want to and there is enough space, you’re very welcome to attend both. If there is a waiting list for the 2nd event and you already attended the 1st one, you may be asked if you would please consider not going to the 2nd one so someone on the waiting list can attend.

Hope to see you soon!

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January Sci-Fi #2: Book “Star Maker” by Stapledon + Story “The Star” by HG Wells

To kick off 2019 we’ll be climbing into the time machine and reading some classic early science-fiction! The book we’ll be discussing in January is from 1937: “Star Maker” by Olaf Stapledon. Jorge Luis Borges was one of the books many fans and called it “a prodigious novel”. C.S. Lewis described the ending as “sheer devil worship” (maybe he wasn’t one of the fans…) For the short story we’ll be discussing “The Star“ by H.G. Wells, which was published originally in 1897. It can be found in the ‘Big Book of Science Fiction’ anthology that we have been reading from. For those who want to get a head start reading the the books for February, March, and April, the books we will be discussing are: February: The Library at Mount Char -Scott Hawkins March: First Fifteen Lives of Harry August -Claire North & Story “Learning to be me” -Greg Egan April: Finch -Jeff VanderMeer

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