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The Berlin Skills Exchange is formed with the spirit of continuous education, collaboration and knowledge transfer in mind. We aim to bring together talented people who can mutually benefit from each other's ideas, skills, knowledge and connections.

This is an opportunity to get help from others with expertise in their field, at the same time keeping an open mind to sharing your knowledge. It's also a great opportunity to network and find like-minded talent.

This group is profession-agnostic. We expect a large representation from Berlin's growing tech community, freelancers and entrepreneurs, but it certainly is not limited to this. We invite people from all walks of life, e.g. artists who need website help, musicians who need a new logo, designers who need some programming advice, programmers who need some business advice, founders in search of a co-founder, and so on.


Currently we hold a series of talks and workshops revolving around relevant topics of professional and personal growth such as:

growing your customer base, online marketing, ways to becoming a freelancer or entrepreneur, learning to program, leadership and effective communication skills, time & project management, lessons from agile development for personal project management, graphic design and building a website. More suggestions are welcome.

If you'd like to give a presentation, feel free to get in touch with Ralph (the organizer) hallo@ralphpache.de

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What's your motivation? Keys to motivation via gamification


10,00 €

What drives us to take action or behave in a specific manner? Do we have different approaches to engaging in an experience? And how does that relate to the way we play games? In this interactive workshop you will have a better understanding of your own motivation, as this is explored in the field of gamification. There is a lot of knowledge we can derive from game theory, social dynamics, as well as player types. After years of research, we now have practical ways of understanding how we prefer to take action in a given environment, closely related to how we prefer to play games. This can help enhance one’s motivation in work or life and is not at all limited to gamers, as it helps to understand our motivation in general. It can be applied on designing an immersive life experience or an engaging working environment. Come ready to play and learn through experience! What you take out of this workshop will depend a lot on what you put into it. Join us on an interactive journey of self-discovery! When: Wednesday 21st October 7:00pm – 9:15pm Where: Space Shack Coworking, Akazienstraße 3A, 10823, Berlin (The room name is "White Dwarf", downstairs) Tickets ---------- 10 € Standard price To reserve a seat you need to pay a deposit of 5€ via one of the following methods: a.) Paypal: Please send to [masked], using the option "Sending to a friend" (In the note field please write "motivation 21Oct2020" and your email address), or b.) Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/whats-your-motivation-keys-to-motivation-via-gamification-tickets-123028336065 (please note that there is an extra admin charge of 1.47€), or c.) Bank transfer. Please write to [masked] and I will send you the bank details. Upon receiving your deposit you will get an email confirmation. You will pay the remaining 5€ on spot. Registration will close one day before the workshop. For any question you can also email to: [masked] 15 € Walk in price at the door About the Organizer ---------------------------- Antonios Triantafyllakis is a learning designer and gamification coach. He's combining experiential learning and gamification to make learning more effective and engaging. He has over a decade of experience in international youth work and is currently working as a social entrepreneur, in Berlin as well as all over the globe. Mr. Chong is a psychometric specialist and professional business trainer, certified in DiSC, MBTI, Hogan, FIRO-B. He teaches the master program in universities focusing on personality types. He is very experienced in life consulting by using psychometric instruments. As an expert in personality type, he delivers workshops in Germany, Poland and Hong Kong.

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