Vol. 8 Second Saturdays: Investor Readiness Part 1 (Cost Structures focus)

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Guillermo:. [masked]
Alejandro:. [masked]

Topic: Cost Structures (and reflecting on your entire business plan and rsk minimization) - Investor Readiness Part 1

This workshop will focus on the "Cost Structures" segment in the left-hand corner of the Business Model Canvas

As we are nearing the end of the series, they'll also be a health check on all aspects of your business plan so far.

Is it investor ready, and as realistic as possible and in favour of raising capital.


Intro presentation: cost structures from the perspective of a financial advisor

Followed by co-creativity work in groups on 3-4 startups (or more, depending on attendance levels)


Vol. 9 Second Saturdays: communicating the authentic message of your business (to customers and investors) - pitch training and practise

Guest Expert: Carmel Finnan (https://bit.ly/33gzcAE), Story Dialogue

You'll learn how to tell interactive, engaging stories that connect you with those who value your expertise, trust you and are willing to invest in you. Plus, you likely receive invitations to present a short 6-minute at Amarte's First Friday event in December.

Vol. 10 Second Saturday: Investor Readiness Part 2 (and series end!)