• July 2019 Meetup. Deep dive TABLEAU PREP + ASKDATA in Action at TravelAudience

    For full event details and RSVP please check out our official Tableau User Group Hub: https://usergroups.tableau.com/july2019btugmeetup Agenda for the July meetup: PART I: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE ON TABLEAU PREP by Peter Schmitt @ Tableau Software Tableau's data preparation tool "Prep" is one of the most rapidly developing products in the Tableau portfolio. It's time we do a deep dive to get to know all about what it can do (and what not). We touch on the practical questions: - What are its unique features? - Is it mature enought to replace your old ETL? - Is it "server ready"? - How to deploy and manage data flow lifecycles? - What does it cost? PART II: HOW ASKDATA IS USED AT TRAVEL AUDIENCE TO BOOST SELF-SERVICE BI by Manil Manohar @ travel audience GmbH AskData, Tableau's natural language processor ("Hey Siri..") has been introduced in[masked] and few have used it at scale. In this talk we will get to the bottom of "Does it actually work?" and what do you need to consider to use it effectively. Travel audience uses AskData at a large scale in production on vast amounts of data and is primed to share their practical experience on how to effectively use it to power self-service BI. We will hear: - Myth or Reality? - What is it best used for? - What are its limitations - How to effectively deploy it? - Important Lessons learnt? ATTENTION: In order to register for this event, you need to RSVP at our user group hub https://usergroups.tableau.com/july2019btugmeetup