• May 2019 Meetup: Tableau in Action @Home24 and What's new in 2019.2

    moovel Group GmbH (Berlin)

    UPDATE: We have added a second Speaker. Lennart Heuckendorf, Solution Consultant at Tableau, will give us a round up and demo of what's coming up in version[masked] Part 1: Tableau in Action@Home24 Rolling out a Business Intelligence platform on a large scale is hard. It is as much an organizational/cultural challenge as it is a technical one. In this talk you will hear from first-hand experience how Home24, Europe’s most popular online furniture shopping platform, has transformed into data-driven organization and established an analytics culture using Tableau. From prototype to organization-wide use of Tableau with 200+ users, multiple departments and massive data sources. The journey: - About Home24 : Our Mission - Home24 in facts and figures - Big Data Landscape @ home24 - Our Data Platform - A quest towards centralized BI tool --> What we wanted - Tableau @ home24 - Tableau onboarding development @ home24 - Tableau Online Usage - Next Steps : Tableau Server Speaker: Gaurav Tiwari, Business Intelligence Lead at home24 SE Part 2: What's new in Tableau[masked] In our second part, we will get an exclusive sneak preview of[masked] in action - Vector maps - Parameter actions (huge!!!) - Show/Hide dashboard containers (finally) - Export to PowerPoint - and more Speaker: Lennart Heuckendorf, Solution Consultant at Tableau Software ATTENTION: We now have our own, official Tableau User Group page - yay! Give us a follow and subscribe to get regular updates: https://usergroups.tableau.com/berlin In order to register for the May meetup, you need to RSVP at https://usergroups.tableau.com/maybtugmeetuphome24sjourneytoa That will be the "official" guest list. About the Speakers: Guarav runs the Business Intelligence Team at Home24. He is an seasoned Business Intelligence Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Databases, Data Warehousing, PowerPivot, Management, and HTML. Strong business development professional with a Master's degree focused in Applied information systems from Singapore Management University. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gauravtiwari505/ Lennart is a Sales Consultant for Tableau Software, the leading provider of fast analytics and data visualization software. As true expert in Tableau, his mission is to help people see and understand their data. Tableau enables anyone to easily create and share interactive data visualizations, dashboards and analytics, and can scale to organizations of any size or reach. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lennartheuckendorf/

  • April Meetup: Eva Murray, Tableau Zen Master and Evangelist

    Our next Berlin Tableau User Group meetup is around the corner and we have another special guest for you: Tableau Zen Master, #MakeoverMonday icon, Forbes Contributor and Head of BI at EXASOL – Eva Murray. Topic: How teaching others helps you build your skills and find your voice "In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn" ~ Phil Collins Wherever you are in your development of technical know-how, business acumen and soft skills, teaching can help you further grow and fine-tune your skillset. What will your learn in this sessions? - Eva will share practical examples, stories, failures and successes from her years as Tableau user, partner, evangelist, community member and leader. - Teaching others means we need to first develop a good understanding for ourselves, before sharing it with others. It also means we need to ‘pick up’ people at their current level and make our lessons relevant and understandable for them. - Find inspiration and ideas from teaching to grow your voice in your organization, the data and analytics community and beyond. ATTENTION: We now have our own, official Tableau User Group page over at Splash - yay! Give us a follow and subscribe to get regular updates: https://splashthat.com/sites/view/berlinusergroup.splashthat.com In order to register for the April meetup, you need to RSVP at https://usergroups.tableau.com/aprilbtugmeetup That will be the "official" guest list. About the Speaker: Eva Murray works as Head of BI & Tableau Evangelist at @exasolag and is one of the most well known and accomplished persons in the Tableau Community worldwide. She is a tireless educator and ambassador in all things regarding data vizualization and data literacy, in particular with Tableau, on various platforms. Probably most famously known as co-host of the #MakeoverMonday (http://www.makeovermonday.co.uk/data/) initiative with Andy Kriebel and Co-Author of The MakeoverMonday Book (http://www.makeovermonday.co.uk/book/), Eva also partakes in weekly Viz Reviews on Brighttalk https://www.brighttalk.com/search/?q=makeover which are a great way to get expert feedback on your Tableau Vizzes and just a fantastic service to the community. Eva is a passionate Triathlete and Traveler and you can follow her on Twitter @TriMyData

  • M2 Data Café

    No Fire No Glory

    In a relaxed atmosphere, we bring together experts, business users and beginners and enable you to network and exchange ideas with tableau users from different economic sectors. WARNING: The Event language is German! Let us present the latest tableau functions to you and see exciting live demos and guest contributions. Find out how quickly and conveniently you can use Tableau to combine information from various sources and visualise it in an appealing way in interactive dashboards. Take the opportunity and ask your questions about data value creation. When and where? On 28 February 2019 from 6 p.m. at Café No Fire No Glory, Rykestraße 45 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. We look forward to your participation! Our agenda: 18.00 Registration 18.30h Welcome by the M2 Management 18.45h Data Café: How No Fire No Glory uses Tableau to make data-driven decisions 19.00 Guest appearance: Tableau in action at CGoal (Christian Guettler, Managing Director CGoal GmbH) 19.15h What's new in Tableau? The latest features in live use 19.30h Q&A - ask us your questions Afterwards: Get Together with free drinks & snacks

  • November Meetup: Alex Loth on Social Analytics and #TC18 review by M2

    Hello Berlin Tableau Users! our next user group meetup is around the corner Topic: "Rock your Social Media Analytics with Alex Loth and #TC18 Review with M2" Keen diving into social analytics any you want to know how to bring it to the next level? This session will cover methods to analyze your social media data in Tableau and how to utilize that build up a full social data program. This talk was one of the most popular sessions at Tableau Conference 2018 in New Orleans and we are thrilled to have distinguished speaker Alexander Loth -Senior Strategy Advisor at Tableau, Social media guru and author of the first German Tableau book (@TableauBuch)- as our guest for this meetup! What will your learn in this sessions? - How to build a mature social data program from that foundation and strategies for scaling a social data program - How to connect directly to your social media data with a web data connector - Considerations for building scalable data sources; and tips for using metadata and calculations for more sophisticated analysis. In the second part, the Consultant of M2 Florian Rieger will report the latest news and trends from the Tableau Conference 2018 in New Orleans. About the Speaker: In 2015, Alexander Loth joined Tableau focusing primarily on Digital Strategy and Business Analytics. Prior to Tableau, he was Data Scientist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), received an MBA, and worked for Capgemini and SAP. Recently, Brandwatch named him one of the twenty most influential twitter authors on the topic of Digital Transformation in Germany. Today Alexander Loth is a book author of “Datenvisualisierung mit Tableau”, Co-founder of Futura Analytics and Digital Strategy Advisor at Tableau. Florian Rieger is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at M2 with years of professional experience. At M2, he leads the team Visual Analytics. Location This meetup will be hosted by Onefootbal GmbH. In order to find the right building, you need to go to the house 212 E, 5th floor. The paths will be signposted. Please pay attention to the directions on site.

  • September BTUG + BerliNERDS MeetUp: IronViz with Klaus Schulte & Heidi Kalbe

    Hello Berlin Tableau Users, our next meetup will be a special one: Klaus Schulte, winner of the Tableau IronViz competition 2018 and Heidi Kalbe, Tableau consultant at The Information Lab will join us to talk about their Tableau journey, the growing importance of data visualization in education and business. But we will not just talk, they will also some of their Tableau trick with us :) The #IronViz is a competition organized by Tableau every year to crown the best data wizard. Through a series of Qualifications and Feeder rounds, candidates have to prove their Tableau skills, and the best three advance to the grand Final event at the Tableau Conference: in only twenty minutes, live, in front of thousands of screaming people the finalists have to build their vizzes, and then the Iron Viz champions is crowned by a distinguished jury and a vote by the public. Watch this highlights of the last IronViz at TC18Europe here (it’s worth it!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f1LFv6_sCI&list=PL_qx68DwhYA86R-BwD35gkLuozgZnIKXC&index=7 Speakers: Klaus Schulte is a professor of management accounting at Muenster University of Applied Sciences, IronViz Champion 2018 and a regular participant of the Tableau project Makeover Monday. The second guest is Heidi Kalbe, she is a Business Intelligence Consultant by The Information Lab and also active participant at Tableau Community. Her idea of trapez maps has already convinced many data visualizers and also Klaus used it for his IronViz. Agenda: - Intro to Tableau Community - Interview with Klaus Schulte and Heidi Kalbe - Live demo of IronViz by Klaus Schulte - Q&A This event is in cooperation with the meetup group BerliNERDS (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/BerliNERDS-Digital-Intelligence/) and hosted by LeROI Consulting (https://www.leroi-consulting.de/). Give them a follow! Many thanks for the support! Hope to see you there :-) Ingo & Dilyana

  • August Meetup: Learning by (Un)doing

    M2. technology & project consulting GmbH

    Hello Berlin Tableau Users! it's holiday season but let's have a nice little August Tableau meetup anyway. Topic: "Learning by (un)doing: Practice your Tableau skills by reverse-engineering other great dashboards" The best recipe to get better at anything is practice, and building Tableau dashboards is not an exception. And the best practice is getting your hands dirty and actually just try things out - by copying from the best :) In this meetup I will deconstruct and then replicate some of the awesome dashboards from the Tableau community live on stage. By doing so, we will: - learn a whole lot of new tricks other authors are using - dig into the some of the advanced techniques - understand design decisions - but also discuss shortcomings and what could be improved Some of the works we will take a closer look at (we'll see how much time we have): - IronViz champion Klaus Schulte https://public.tableau.com/profile/klaus.schulte#!/vizhome/HowDidtheAdjustedBigMacIndexChangeFromJanuarytoJuly2018/Dashboard1 - MakeOverMonday Host Eva Murray https://public.tableau.com/profile/eva.murray#!/vizhome/MaternityLeaveatFullPay/MaternityLeaveatFullPay and - Tableau Ambassador Pablo Gomez https://public.tableau.com/profile/pablolgomez#!/vizhome/NBATeamsSalaryCapHistoryOvertheYears/NBASalaryCap - Workout Wednesday's Ann Jackson http://www.workout-wednesday.com/2018/07/04/week-27-how-do-current-year-sales-compare-to-previous/ - Luke Stanke http://www.workout-wednesday.com/2018/07/10/week-28/ Speakers: Ingo Levin. Organizer of the Berlin Tableau User Group and seasoned Tableau and BI veteran for many years. Dilyana Suleymanova (https://twitter.com/DilyanaFlower). Co-Organizer of the Berlin Tableau User Group and Tableau Expert regularly contributing to MakeOverMonday, WorkoutWednesday and Vizfor SocialGood.

  • July Meetup: Tableau Performance - Best Practices, Troubleshooting, Optimization

    M2. technology & project consulting GmbH

    Hello Berlin Tableau Users! have you ever suffered from slow workbooks, time consuming Tableau Extract refreshes or wondered why some dashboards perform fine locally but not on the Tableau server? Then come and join us on our July 2018 User Group Meetup where we will have a great talk on how to identify and troubleshoot Tableau performance problems, fix them and best practices how to avoid them going forward. Speaker: Manuel Mang. Owner at M2. technology & project consulting and a seasoned Tableau veteran for many years. Topic: "Tableau Performance - Best Practices, Troubleshooting and Optimization" - Basic Principles - Tools - Data - Queries - Blending - Filters - Calculations - Environment - Performance Checklist Afterwards: Open Discussion. Looking forward to see many of you there!

  • BTUG @ Tableau's Data-Driven Marketing Day on 06.06.2018 in Berlin

    Hello Berlin Tableau User Group, this Wednesday Jun 6, Tableau will host their annual "Data-driven Marketing Day" in Berlin. It is a Free event (registration required - see details below) centered around the latest trends in Marketing analytics, digital marketing and in general all things Data + Marketing. There will be a host of interesting speaker showcasing how they utilize Tableau for their use cases and share their story on marketing analytics. On top of that - there are drinks and food provided by Tableau! I will be there and look forward to meet lots of you guys at the event as well! IMPORTANT! You must register directly with Tableau prior to the event here: https://www.tableau.com/community/events/data-driven-marketing-day-2018 (RSVP'ing on this meetup here is not sufficient!!) Agenda: Philipp Westermeyer, CEO & Founder at OMR will join us on stage for the Keynote. Take the opportunity to learn from our customers how they successfully use Tableau on a daily basis to fine-tune their media mix in real time, empower their sales team with 360-degree views and capture the full lifecycle of their leads. Agenda 1.00pm – 2.00pm – Registration and Partner Exhibition 2.00pm – 2.15pm – Welcome & Intro 2.15pm – 2.45pm – Philipp Westermeyer: Ways to win in times of GAFA 2.45pm – 3.00pm – OMMAX: Visualizing Complex Digital Marketing Data with Tableau 3.00pm – 3.15pm – OLX Group: Measuring the impact of user communications 3.15pm – 3.30pm – Media Impact: Programmatic Intelligence - The path to unprecedented efficiency 3.30pm – 4.00pm – Break and Expo 4.00pm – 5.00pm – Live Panel & Q&A 5.00pm – 6.30pm – Drinks & Get Together

  • BTUG May meetup - Live session with Tableau ZEN MASTER Chloe Tseng!

    For our May User Group Meetup there is something special: Tableau Zen Master Chloe Tseng is in town and she will give a talk about "Storytelling with data" and about her amazing project Viz for Social Good and afterwards host a Tableau live coding "Ask an Expert" sessions/Hackathon! This will be a great chance to get live Tableau help and feedback from one of the best in the game - don't miss it. And Bring Your Laptops! This Event is brought to you by our fellow group member Dilyana Suleymanova and her "The Secrets of Dashboards" group - many thanks!! You will find all further details here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/The_Secrets_of_Dashbords/events/250094224/ BIO Chloe Chloe Tseng is a Senior Data Analyst at Twitter, where she turns complex statistics and data into a story to drive business decisions. She loves visualizing data to increase awareness and understanding of important social causes, and founded Viz For Social Good, a community that promotes social good through data visualization. Deeply passionate about limiting gender inequality, she is the co-founder of She Talks Data, a non-profit organization that creates an intimate environment to drive authentic dialogue and provides technical and leadership events to support women with skills needed for professional advancement. Twitter: https://twitter.com/datachloe Tableau Public: https://public.tableau.com/profile/chloe#!/ Viz for Social Good: https://www.vizforsocialgood.com/ AGENDA 1. Talk by Chloe on "Storytelling with Data" 2. Ask an Expert live coding/ Hackathon In this second part of the session, you can work on your own visualizations and Chloe and Dilyana will provide you guidance if needed.

  • BTUG March 2018 Meetup

    M2. technology & project consulting GmbH

    Hello Berlin Tableau Users! I know, It's been a little while since our last meetup. Unfortunately I have been abroad on business travel throughout for most of Jan and Feb so far and just couldn't manage to set up a meetup earlier :( Our friends at M2. technology & project consulting GmbH are so kind to host us again this time! h/t for that. ATTENTION: NEW ADDRESS!!! Note that we will meet in another M2 office at Milastr. 2, Prenzlauer Berg, and not at their other office at Potsdamer Platz. Make sure you navigate to the address that is linked in this meetup below! ------------------- Topics: Advanced charts, Tableau with R/Python, useful dashboard tips& tricks • How to build some advanced chart types: Hex Maps, Waffle charts, Sankey charts • I'll share my personal favorite tips & tricks when building Tableau dashboards • Overview over Tableau & Machine Learning: methods to incorporate R and Python: R scripts in calculated fields, Python via TabPy, Leverage SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning models via Stored Procedures Speaker: Ingo Levin (yours truly). 10-year BI and data engineering veteran. Tableau since 2014. Host of this group. Afterwards: Open discussion. You don't know how to do something specific in Tableau and are looking for help? Have a question about a certain use case? Running into performance problems? Looking for resources/best-practice? Or are you completely new to Tableau? Discuss it with the community!