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The Berlin T'salon is an low-impact gathering of geeks who want to talk shop for a few hours and show off their cool tricks and cool toys, and what (not who) keeps us awake at night! It is not a user's group, it is not a Stammtisch, it's not about the beer (ok, it's partly about the beer) it is more like hanging out with other geeks and a tablet, staring at a blinking cursor. Our motto: "Look Over my Shoulder" But: you must show something before you leave! The one question you will hear throughout the night is - "Who's next?" Show what you have - built, like hardware - written, like software - found, like an open-source project - bought, like a gadget, new phone, tablet - read, like a new book you want to talk about - visited, like a conference or workshop or co-working space. You can talk in either English or German, whichever you are more comfortable in.

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