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Love wireframing? Daydream of perfecting pixels? Join the Berlin UI/UX Designers Meetup. We meet every month to share our love for all things UI/UX design. At each talk/networking event, design leaders in Berlin speak on design topics - more details coming soon. We’re always looking for interesting and engaging designers (or design enthusiasts) to grow the Berlin UI/UX design community, if you are interested in speaking at a Berlin UI/UX Meetup email tijana@wiredcraft.com.

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Talks and Networking for Designers #35

Vivy GmbH

Join us for the Talks and Networking for Designers #34 Meetup at Vivy. Drinks and food starting at 7 pm, talks start at 7:30 pm. We will have a lucky draw for prizes provided by our sponsors: Sketch. Prizes include 3 Sketch Licenses. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talks: 1. "Why Products Fail" by Henry Latham. Abstract: I’ve spent my entire working life asking myself one question: ‘Why, despite a strong product process, loads of investment, and an experienced team, do products fail?' My conclusion? None of these things matters if we aren’t focusing on improving one key thing: Our decision-making. Great decisions lead to successful products and, ultimately, successful businesses. And, therefore, by focusing on improving the quality of our decision-making, we lay the foundations for success. Bio: Product Strategist & Consultant | Head of Product scribeapp.co | Author of ‘Building for Product Success’ (available Summer 2019) 2. "Eye-Tracking vs. Holmes – on an example" by Angie Eck, Alexander Wojtek and Raphael Peters. Abstract: See what users think? That would make even Sherlock Holmes a better detective. The mysteries of human-machine interactions are no longer a mystery. Fixation time, eye movements, a dumbfounding look which wanders back and forth between the control panel and the machine ... It now gives much more information than Watson might have thought. This detailed and procedural observation allows conclusions like Holmes would have made them. Kamioni and akquinet AG partnered for an eye-tracking driven usability test. On this example, we will give some insights about the use of eye-tracking as an evaluation tool. Bio: Angie Eck is a certified usability professional and project lead at akquinet AG. She conducts eye-tracking projects at the customer's site in the industrial and administrative area and in test labs. Alexander Wojtek works as an Inside Sales Manager and as a project coordinator at akquinet AG in Berlin. In this function he has a focus on topics of digital transformation and accompanies companies within the initial phase of individual software development projects. Raphael Peters holds a B.A. in Visual Communication Design and has experience as an art director & illustrator. As an UI/UX Designer at Kamioni, he took part in the eye-tracking test as a customer as well as a subject. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule: 19:00 - Networking, Snacks, and Drinks 19:25 - Check-in Closes 19:30 - Welcome 19:35 - Speaker 1 19:55 - Q&A 20:05 - Short 10 min break 20:15 - Speaker 2 20:35 - Q&A 20:45 - Community Minute, Jobs, Winners 20:55 - Thank you for coming - Networking after the event until 21:30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Tijana at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at a future meetup, if you have a venue for a future event or to give us feedback.

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Talks and Networking for Designers #34

Flaconi GmbH

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