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UX Mentor is celebrating it's First Year Anniversary.

Thankx to all Uxperts, speakers, sponsors and panellists for your support.
It is thrilling to be part of the vibrant Berlin-Design landscape.

Having covered topics from AI to ROI, from Coding to Marketing in the freshman year we felt that it's about time to talk about Ethics and the challenges raised by digital technology today.

Free licences sponsored by sketch.
!We'll have a raffle (lottery ) for 3 Sketch licences!🤞
Venue and Drinks sponsored by Edenspiekermann.

6:45 pm Doors open - Grab a drink
7:00 pm Welcome and opening note
7:10 pm lightning talk 1
"Solutionism is a part of the problem" by Gal Cohen & Sascha A. Carlin

All human problems can be solved through technology - that is the axiom of the Solutionism movement. It raises some interesting questions - not just ‘can technology solve all our problems?’, but ‘Do we want it to?’. Let’s take a look at solutionism through the eyes of ethical design and ask the most interesting question- what is the problem with solutionism?

7:20 pm lightning talk 2
"Fifty Shades" by Conny Kawohl

Conny will address Dark Patterns and Accountability and a tangible proposal to uphold ethical standards.

7:30 pm panel discussion
Moderator: Sascha A. Carlin
Ramak Molavi, Martin Ramsin and you - our audience.

9:00 pm End

'Saying NO is a great design skill' Mike Monteiro

Meet our speakers and panelists:

Conny Kawohl
Conny is a Senior Frontend Developer at the Berlin-based company Macmon Secure GmbH. Before becoming a developer, she studied Interface Design in Berlin and Jerusalem and worked as a UI & UX designer for over 10 years. She has since turned to “the dark side of the force” and subsequently became a full-time and Full Stack developer ( JavaScript, PHP, Java and Ruby). She is a volunteer coach (e.g. Rails Girls Berlin) and a speaker at various tech and design conferences, including the World Usability Day and Open Tech Summit.

Ramak Molavi
Ramak is a lawyer based in Berlin. She specializes in AI, Ethics, data, robotic and tech innovation Law. She is associate lawyer at iRights Law and Policy Advisor at iRights Lab, an independent think tank.
She is also head of legal and member of the management board of GameDuell, a games company based in Berlin.

Martin Ramsin
Martin is CEO and Co-founder of Berlin based Careerfoundry. Prior he worked as a productmanager and Head of Product. Martin holds a Master`s degree in computer science.

Gal Cohen
Israel and Berlin-based designer.
Creating, thinking, writing and talking about ethics in design in the past five years.

Sascha A. Carlin
Director Technology at Edenspiekermann. Sascha’s background is in library sciences, information architecture and software development. He's making sense of merging the analog and digital domains. His tools of choice are curiosity and abstraction.


Sketch is a vector-based design tool for Mac with a focus on screen design. It’s used primarily by screen designers who create websites, icons, and user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices. For beginners and industry professionals alike, Sketch’s powerful and easy-to-use tools allow designers to focus on what they do best; design.


We will take pictures and publish them on our event sites.