VR Berlin Meetup #28 at the MD.H

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The first VR Berlin Meetup of 2018 is on! This time again at the large spaces of the MD.H with lots of room for demo stations and networking. As always the drinks are free.


Daniel Wolff, head of „Production Systems and Informations Processes“ at INPRO (http://www.inpro.de) will speak about the company`s collaborations with the automotive industry for VR training and interaction, and discuss the potentials and challenges for a widespread adoption of VR in automotive.

Sönke Kirchof and Philipp Wenning from the Virtual Reality Studio INVR (http://www.invr.space) will give an overview of their exciting current VR project "Different countries - different stories. Approaches for VR projects on the African Continent."

Martin Bauernfeind from Staramba (http://www.staramba.com) will give an overview of their STARAMBA.spaces pipeline to create realistic characters in VR. Their use of body and face scans with a facial coding system via state of the art rigging allows the characters to act authentic via mocap based data and in-house developed locomotion system.

Three parallel discussion rounds with the community:

"VR in Visual Arts" moderated by curator Tina Sauerländer, Radiance (http://www.radiancevr.co) and peer to space (http://www.peertospace.eu)

„3D laser scanning for VR“ moderated by Steffen Sommer, sommer.is (http://www.sommer.is)

„Cinematic VR“ moderated by Michael Geidel, MiriquidiFilm (http://www.miriquidifilm.de)

Demos include:

- Reptiloid Synth VR by Vladimir Storm (https://vladstorm.itch.io/), Creative Virtual Reality Berlin (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/creativeVR/)

- Vinyl Reality, the first DJ mixing app for VR by Tycho (https://www.facebook.com/VinylReality/)

- Two VR Chat (https://www.vrchat.net/) stations sponsored by Caseking (https://www.caseking.de/)

- VR Collaboration Platform for Enterprises by MatrixWorks (http://matrixworks.com/en/)

- "The Surreal Imaginarium of..." by Ignacio Farias (http://www.ignaciofariasart.com/)

- Art demo by Miguelangelo (http://www.vr-area-42.club/)

- AR smart glasses ChessVision by Jordy Mont-Renaud (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRZjGcedV2Y)

Everyone is welcome to show their project, we love to see your product or experience. Please get in touch with us. Also bring your headsets and any VR peripherals - the more the merrier!

Looking forward to see you there!

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