• Voice Meetup Berlin #2 2019

    Spielfeld Digital Hub GmbH

    19:00h - Doors open 19:30h - Warm welcome from our host: Spielfeld 19:35h - 20:20 - 3x15-minutes talks Speakers: 1. Dr. Thorsten Böker, Director Product Management - Digital Services IM Devices @ Samsung Electronics GmbH "Say less, do more: How Bixby makes it easy for you to get more done." --- 2. Iwan Lappo-Danilewski Co-Founder & CTO @ Aaron.ai „Phone service in times of Google Duplex: How humans + AI can grow together to delight customers” --- 3. Stefan Ostwald Co-Founder @ Future of Voice "Enabling VUI Designer (with some developer love) to built voice applications for multiple platforms with Parloa" --- 20:25 - Lightning Talks 20:35 - Mingle and discussions and some treats from our host. ----- About our host Spielfeld: Spielfeld Digital Hub is a platform for corporate innovation. As a joint venture between Roland Berger and Visa Inc., Spielfeld enables leading corporates across industries to explore and execute digital opportunities. In an agile work environment, we facilitate new working methods and support organizations in cultural change.

  • Voice Meetup Berlin #1 2019 - Voice UX / Voice Design

    19:00h - Doors open 19:30h - Warm welcome from our host: Contentful 19:35h - 20:20 - 3x15-minutes talks Speakers: 1. Clive K. Lavery Freelance UX Person & Full-Stack Human Being "Should Designers learn to speak?" --- 2. Karile Klug Founder at Sam Silverlake (https://www.samsilverlake.com/) and Lead Organiser at Talk To Me Hackathons. Innovation and conversation designer "In voice, writing is design." --- 3. Tom Blaksley Tom helps companies around the world integrate what3words into their services to improve everything from delivering pizzas to directing taxis to coordinating emergency responses. "Alexa, navigate to dividing.credit.started" A talk about what3words, the global address system that has named every 3 metre square in the world with 3 words; a voice-first system which enables simple communication to voice assistants to reference a precise location. --- 20:25 - Lightning Talks (TBA) 20:35 - Mingle and discussions and some treats from our host. ----- About our host, contentful: Contentful is how modern companies work with content. It’s content infrastructure for creating and managing content, backed by the tools for delivering it anywhere. With Contentful, developers and editors can work simultaneously and ship digital products faster. Learn more at contentful.com

  • Voice Meetup Berlin #3 2018

    WeWork Stresemannstraße 123

    18:30h - Doors open 19:00h - Warm welcome from our host: WeWork Potsdamer Platz 19:15h - 20:15h - 3x15-minutes talks Speakers: 1. Alec Kosik Machine Learning Research Engineer @i2x "Generic vs. Custom ASR - when to use what and how to build one" 2. Alexander Wodrich Managing Director @Why Do Birds "Audio Branding in times of Alexa, Google Assistant and co." 3. Benjamin Dorvel Senior Creative Strategist - Google Assistant Personality @Google "Designing the Google Assistant's Personality" 20:15h - Lightning Talks (TBA) 20:30h - Mingle and discussion with beer and non-alcoholic beverages. ----- About our host, WeWork Potsdamer Platz: WeWork is the platform for creators. We provide not just workspace, but also community and services that support forward-thinking companies around the world. As the nature of work changes, more and more people are pursuing careers with intention. The Creator Awards is a way for us to support those who are leading the way. Learn more at wework.com

  • Voice Meetup Berlin - featuring: Talk to me, Berlin!

    WeWork Berlin - Sony Center

    As introduced at our last Meetup, we support the “Talk to me, Berlin!” Hackathon. It’s a great opportunity for all Voice Interface fans to try out new stuff, meet like-minded people and bring your skills to a new level. It’s gonna be a three-day event, starting at the Sony Center and continuing at the new Factory campus at Görlitzer Park. For the signup as well as further information, check out the Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/talk-to-me-berlin-hackathon-tickets-45132834523 If you use the code FUTUREOFVOICE_SPECIAL you will get a 50% discount on the tickets. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Voice Meetup Berlin #2 2018

    Berlin Factory

    18:30h - Doors open 19:00h - Warm welcome from our host: Factory Berlin 19:15h - 20:00h - 3x15-minutes talks Speakers: 1. Mark Bate Solution Architect @Amazon Alexa "Create interactive Voice games for Alexa" 2. Alexey Vidanov Voice Developer "The advantages and limits of Storyline" 3. Valentin Fage Project Manager @Snips "A private alternative to Amazon and Google" 20:00h - Lightning Talks (TBA) 20:15h - Mingle and discussion with sandwiches, beer and non-alcoholic beverages sponsored by Factory.

  • The Voice Interface Space 2018 - #MakersEdition

    The first Voice Interface Meetup in 2018 is a special #MakersEdition. People from the community share their insights in short lightning talks and demos. 19h - Doors open 19:30h - 20:30h - 8x6-minutes talks Speakers: 19:30h - Opening 19:38h - Leo Füchsel - "Enhancing a WebApp with a VUI" (http://lingualogic.de) 19:46h - Anil Krishnashetty - "How we designed an Amazon Alexa skill in 1 hour without coding" 19:54h - Tom Jadczyk - "CardioCube - Voice of the health revolution" 20:02h - Florian Hollandt - "Designing for retention in voice games" 20:10h - Kirill Zonov - "IBM Watson voice recognition" 20:18h - José Mussa - "Alexa Skills using javascript pure functions" (https://www.npmjs.com/package/alexa-connect-handlers) 20:25h - Olaf Resch - "Open Knowledge Interface" (http://oki2019.de) 20:32h - Alex Kamphorst - "Contoba - A VUI Design Tool You’ll Love" 20:40h Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst with pizza, beer and non-alcoholic beverages sponsored by Babbel.

  • Voice Platforms - Advanced Usage Patterns

    Google Berlin

    The last Voice Interface Meetup in 2017 with interesting talks by Google, Nuance and RASA and some exciting lightning talks. 19h - Doors open 19.30h - 20.15h - 3x15-minutes talks Speaker: 1. Peter Friese Developer Advocate at Google "Building Multi-Lingual Experiences with Actions on Google and Dialogflow." 2. Nils Lenke Senior Director Corporate Research at Nuance Communications "How to make sure the multitude of present and future assistants will actually help and not confuse us." 3. Akela Drißner-Schmid RASA.AI "Rasa Core: throw away your state machine and use Machine Learning for Dialogue Management." 20.15h - 20.25h - 2x5-minutes lightning talks 1. Saandji "Building an architecture on AWS for your podcast/music alexa skill." 2. Matthias Nannt CTO at chatShopper "Learnings from building my first Google Action." 20.25h Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst with pizza, beer and non-alcoholic beverages sponsored by Google.

  • How to make voice applications useful

    Contentful GmbH

    19h - Doors open with beer, non-alcoholic beverages and food sponsored by contentful 19.30h - 20.15h - 3x15-minutes talks Speaker: 1. Daniel Valcour Director Developer Relations - Nuance Communications "How to make sure the multitude of present and future assistants will actually help and not confuse us." 2. Andrea Muttoni Technology Evangelist - Amazon Alexa "Best Practices from the Most Engaging Alexa Skills." 3. Jan König Co-Founder - Jovo "Learnings and insights from NY based Betaworks voice accelerator." 20.15h - 20.25h - 2x5-minutes lightning talk 1. Luis Colin UX | Systems Design Specialist "UX for UI: customizing voice output based on emotional context recognition." 2. Tim Kahle Founder 169Labs "How Amazon rewarded our animal sounds Skill with 573,59 €" ... and you: If you built something cool with voice show it to everyone. Just send us an email or approach us. 20.25h Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst

  • #VoiceFirst use cases: Potentials and difficulties

    Microsoft Accelerator

    Voice-first devices allow exciting and innovative use cases. We are looking forward to discussing situations and use cases in which voice assistants can deliver value for companies and individuals. 19h - Doors open 19.30h - 20.30h - 4x15-minutes talks Speaker: 1. Maurice Burger Merantix (http://www.merantix.com/) GmbH "Skill Development for a hotel: How guests really interacted with Alexa." 2. Ulrike Stiefelhagen Lautmaler (http://www.die-lautmaler.de/) "Personalization in VUI from a conversational perspective" 3. Bernard O'Flynn Microsoft "Building Intelligent Interfaces on Azure" 4. Janet Horwell Search Intent/Voice Product Manager "Learnings in e-commerce for voice" 20.30h - 20.35h - 1x5-minutes lightning talk 1. Dr. Norbert Reithinger German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence "Language dialogue systems at the time of the steam engine, the badly fitting jackets and the bad hairstyles" 20.35h Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst with beer, non-alcoholic beverages and pizza sponsored by Microsoft.

  • Alexa, what’s in the News? – How to develop flash briefing skills for Alexa

    19h - Doors open 19.30h - 20.15h - How to develop flash briefing skills for Alexa (Mark Bate - @markbate) With the release of the Flash Briefing Skill API you can now bring German language content to millions of Alexa-enabled devices. In the meetup, we’ll give a technical overview, review common pitfalls, provide best practices and tips for developing your first Flash Briefing Skill. 20.15h - 20.45h - Q&A with Amazon on technical questions (Mark Bate - @markbate) 20.45 - Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst with snacks, beer and non-alcoholic beverages