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Intro evenings to Ananda Marga
This evening is the first of three to cover very basic informations about the concept and practice of the spiritual way Ananda Marga. 1) Mind and consciousness - meditation / Sadhana 2) Th 04.10.: self-restraint as the base - morality / Yama & Niyama 3) Th 18.10.: spiritual community - gatherings / Dharmacakra The language will be English and/or German as per necessity (Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arab might be possible)

Hackenberger & Ivañez

Dahlemer Weg 8, EG rechts · 14169 Berlin

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    This is a group for people interested in mantra meditation, vegetarianism and kiirtan (spiritual dance). The previous organizer was/is a yogic monk from Ananda Marga and organized meetings for anyone interested to participate in the above.

    Currently, the group is more of an open space for people interested in meditation and mantra chanting and the like.

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