Worum es bei uns geht

This group is to start an energy change movement. Everybody, which wants realizing energy change within ten years , a peaceful and sustainable world, freedom and balance for all people of the world is to invited to join and fly with this movement. You can realize energy change with different things. With investments into renewable energies or energy efficiency, with having a company working for caring for the humans and / or the world, with having a great idea and founding a company, with support other pilots through words of mouth, with riding by bi cycle, using the train and flying less, with be ing aware of what your are doing and consuming. There are really thousands of possibilities for engaging for energy change. One is also sharing this event with others :) and inviting others to take part. And one is introducing yourself and share your dream for energy change with the crowd. Internet will support the transition to a world, we are not able to imagine now . But it will be a better one than today. So please share your ideas and dreams with us and begin to talk, take notice for the others and start to speak with each other. Energy Change will only happen, if we alle work together without boundaries. Thank you. Warmest regards Eva-Catrin

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